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Newborn Baby Tips – Home

Newborn Baby Tips – Home

Limit visitors to your new baby,  ideally to immediate family only.

If you can’t avoid seeing a lot of people, group visitors into one group part of the day so that for the
majority of the time you can rest, relax and recuperate.

Look at each other. You new baby can’t focus beyond around 12in(30cm), which is about the distance from your breast to your face. Stay close when playing or chatting so as to have eye contact.

Banish flowers from around a newborn baby. The infant is just getting used to breathing and can well do without air being heavy which allergen. In advance of the birth, tactfully tell friends that if they want to buy something a little gift for the baby would be preferred… Nappies are always useful!

Don’t overcommit yourself in the weeks before and after the birth. Give your growing family the time and space to take things easy.

Accept mood swings. After the birth, the mother’s hormones go into free fall. Being emotional is feature of the first few days with a new baby, and confused to be sobbing over their newborn child.

Treat having a cry as you would having a laugh: let your feelings out, let them run their course, then let them pass.

If you would like to book your newborn photo session, please book us while you are still pregnant.

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Top Tips Breast-Feeding 3

Top Tips Breast-Feeding 3

Lie on your side to feed, with your baby tucked under your lower arm. This position is great when you are tired and don’t want the weight of the baby in  your arms. It also give your breasts a rest from the pull of gravity and the downward.

Have a breast cod. It’s best to alternate feeds between breasts but very easy to lose track of which
breast should be next. Lots of woman device their own aide-memories, such as changing a safety pin from one bra strap to the other or simply still transferring a bangle between wrists.

Babies are encouraged to sleep while their portraits are taken with a variety of my magic settling methods. Most newborn photography sessions last between 2 and 3 hours depending on how easy your baby is to settle to sleep and time required for feeding, changing and shushing.

The safety of your newborn is my number one priority. Babies are only placed in poses that they are comfortable with.

Parent and sibling shots are also done either at the beginning or end of the session.When you book your session with me, please make that you feed your baby 1-2 hours before I arrive and let them sleep, so I can photograph your baby beautifully.

Hope this article was helpful.

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Top Tips Breast-Feeding 2

Top Tips Breast-Feeding 2

Steer clear of eating citrus fruits and curry, and avoid caffeine and other stimulants if your
breast-feeding baby is unusually wake or colicky.

Lean back to breast-feeding if your milk is coming out too quickly for your baby to swallow comfortably.

Wear a practical top for breast-feeding – either loose fitting one than can be lifted up or a nursing top with openings for feeding. Button-up tops and shirts that you have to open down the middle tend to be much more revealing.

Buy a breast pump only if you know it’s a really good one. Using a poorly designed hand pump can be very demoralising. Ask your friends and family members for their recommendations and talk to your health visitor or contact a breast-feeding support woman find that they have greater success with an electric pump. There are pricey, but can often be hired.

Start to express milk while your baby is still a few weeks old and gradually introduce the occasionalfeed in a bottle.
Older babies, who are already well used to the breast, can be as much milk as possible gives you some freedom and allows your partner to spend more one to one time with the baby including the odd night shift!

If you are planning to have your newborn photo session with me, please email me while you are still pregnant and let me know the due date. So you can pre-book for your session as the newborn session need to be done within 10 days.

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Top Tips Breast-feeding

Top Tips Breast-feeding

Learn about breast-feeding while you are pregnant.
If possible, get advice and tips from recent mothers and if you go to an antenatal group,
ask questions so as to prepare yourself to give breast-feeding your best shot.

Don’t be put off breast-feeding by well-meaning people who tell you that you will drained of energy,
have no time to yourself and have your freedom severely limited. Although there is a grain of truth in these arguments, the bottom line is that breast ilk is the ideal foodstuff for your baby, it helps get your body back to it’s pre-pregnant state and it is free, portable and always available.

Unless there is a good reason to use formula, stick with breast milk. Even a month of exclusive breast-feeding will benefit your child’s immune system, brain development and long-term health.

Mixed feeding, where breast milk is supplemented by formula, should be delayed for as long as possible, particularly when babies are born into a family with a history of eczema, asthma or hay fever.

If you feel that breast-feeding isn’t working for you, consult your doctor, midwife or health visitor before you stop: they may be able to offer you the support and backup you need.

If you are planing to have your newborn photo session done, please book us while you are still pregnant!

Hope this article was helpful.

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Newborn Baby Session

Newborn Baby Session

If there is one thing that I love, it’s photographing newborn babies.

A newborn baby photography session can be challenging,  but it’s so very special to capture a baby’s life when they just days old. There are so many factors that have to come together for the session to go smoothly… and if there’s one thing both photographer and parent must have for the session, it is patience.  A session can go quick and be done in an hour, or usually it would take 2 hours or longer, but regardless it’s important for everyone involved to stay patient – the end result is totally worth it.

Here are some tips for parents to help the session to go as smoothly as possible.

Try to book your session as soon after birth as possible.

I like to shoot newborns anywhere from 1-10 days. Waiting a couple days can give mom and dad a bit of time at home with their new little one.  Of course, a photography sitting can take place at any time.  As your baby gets older, they can become more fussy.

At 10 days they lose the sleepiness and the ‘newborn curl’. I find that the first 24-36 hours are best, as baby is at it’s sleepiest in the first 24 hours. I need to arrive at their sleepiest time – so keep an eye on their “new” schedule and we will figure out the best time to come (must be within great lighting times too)

In addition once they hit 2-3 days old they frequently develop cradle cap, newborn acne, flaky dry skin, redness and patchiness around eyes/ears/nose and feeding blisters on their lips. So while I can usually get them to sleep it is harder to keep them asleep as you pose them.

Around 2 ½ to 3 weeks is when baby acne can set in too so it is good to try and get them before that happens. That being said I will take a newborn at any age. If the parents are game for trying so I am as long as they understand I cannot promise a lot of sleeping shots.

Please book your newborn baby photography session while you are still pregnant!

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Newborn Baby Photography

Welcome to Sydney Treasures Photography

Welcome to Sydney Treasures Photography

My name is Katsu Nojiri. I am the owner / photographer of Sydney Treasures Photography.

We will be updating our baby, children and family photos as well as a lot of good information about babies and children, too.

Our exciting new website for Sydney Treasures Photography is live today!

We provide stunning family and child photography in Sydney. Join us in either a studio or natural setting for jaw dropping photographs just the way you want them.

Sydney Treasures Photography is the home of professional family and child photography in Sydney, Australia. It’s also the home of the well renowned photographer Katsu Nojiri.

Since moving from Japan to Australia over a decade ago, Katsu has quickly built up a great reputation from both clients and industry professionals for producing stunning images. Take a look through the gallery to see what Katsu can do for you.

Please also visit our facebook fan page, also!

m: 0407 064 044

Sydney Treasures Photography

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