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Be stingy with junk

Be stingy with junk

All kids need the odd treat, but there is not need to give lots of treats all at once. If your childrent want a sweet and a drunk, let the drink be something healthy; if they want a fuzzy drink and a snack, let the snack be something healthy. If you stick to this routine long enough, kids just accept it as the norm and get out of the habit of begging for double doses of empty calories.

Eat your words. Don’t be forever nagging about food. Keep an overall eye on your child’s diet, but don’t panic if there is the odd occasion when they eat lots of junk food. Inevitably, at parties and on special occasions, children will binge on empty calories, but try not to quit-trip them about this – they will survivel. The more you nag, the more they will want to eat unhealthy foods.

Take a lot of photos especially when you invite your friends or family to your place for dinner or Sunday lunch. Kids will be happier and you will have a lot of opportunities to photograph great photos for you to be remembered.

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Buy organic

Buy organic

Some foods are more susceptible to contamination than others. Buy organic where it makes the biggest difference.Make organic milk a priority as it comes from cows that don’t eat GM feed and it contains up to two thirds more beneficial omega 3 fatty acids than conventional milk. Organic flour is also worth extra expensive. Pesticide residues are present are present in a high proportion of non organic fruit and vegetables. and children are particularly at risk from these substances because their bodies are are smaller and still growing.

Teach yourself to cook. If you don’t already know how. It will save you a world of trouble and expense trying to source nutrias, additive-free ready meals, which can be difficult to come by. Some homemade dishes can be almost as quick as ready mades, and very easy to cook – for example, omelettes, baked fish, fried chicken and meatballs.

You could baked fish, fried chicken, and meatballs, you could even try rustling up your own kids foods such as nuggets using only pure, wholesome ingredients.

Enjoy to capture those moments when you cook or eat. Your kids will love being photographed by you.

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Go easy

Go easy on soya, especially with boys. Research suggests that boys fed with soya based formula milk or other soya products are at increased risk of delayed genital formation, and girls, too, from the early onset of menstruation, because of its high oestrogen content.

Don’t prejudice your kids by telling them in advance that they will or won’t like a certain food or drink. Simply let them try it and wait to see their reaction.

Quit droning on about healthy eating, or you will will put your kids off good food. Rather than talk about it, just present it and clean out your cupboards to make your home as junk food free as possible.

Avoid offering too many choices of meals and don’t, at your child’s first meal, offer substitute food. There is much to be said for presenting your child with a meal, expecting them to eat it and not offering any more if they do not: You have a choice: this or nothing, take it or leave it.

It’s always good idea to photograph the foods that you have been feeding to your kids.
I am confident that you can capture some great natural photos!

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Eat safe

Eat safe

It pays to know the basics of food hygiene (which are mostly common sense). Always wash your hands throughly with soap and warm water before preparing food. Wash fresh fruit and vegetables, wrap or cover raw meat and store different foods separetly. Keep all food preparation surfaces and equipment clean and use a separate chopping board for raw meat for your children.

Don’t be too keen to wean. Health professionals now generally recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. Since babies develop at different rates, however you may wish to consult your healthcare professional about the best time for your baby to start solids. Wearing before 17 weeks is always inadvisable as the baby’s kidneys and digestive system are still too immature to cope with solid food.

Have simple fare. First foods should be soft, smooth and sloopy is texuture. Breast milk or formula can be blended into the food to give it a runny consistency. Start with a very simple food, such as baby rice, and introduce others slowly, one at a time so as to observe whether any produce an allergic or intolerant reaction in your baby.

Don’t forget to photograph your babies on a regular basis as they grow up so quickly.
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