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Buy an extra toy

Buy an extra toy

Kids can fall so passionately in love with a particular soft toy that it’s a good idea – as soon as you notice the attachment  to buy another identical one as an understudy. If, happily, it’s not needed, it can be given away as a gift.

Get a pop-up play house. Cheap, easily assembled, adaptable to all sorts of games and usable throughout the year, an indoor playhouse is great fun for small children. Allow them to fill it with blankets, cushions, boxes and other paraphernalia needed for imaginative games – and dont enter unless given express permission! Children love to have little nooks and crannies that are entirely their own.

Bring home an unusual gift for your kids if you go away without them. Find something exotic that they may not have come across before a miniature magic lantern, a length of sugar cane some leaf, or an shell – whatever will delight and intrigue them. As you present it, weave a traveller’s tale.

Don’t forget to photograph those moment when you give them presents. You will have an opportunity to capture beautiful smiles of your children. Get your camera ready!

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Planning your holidays

Planning your holidays

When planning your holidays allocation aim to spend at least two or three days (in addition to family holidays) doing something special with your kids.

Work together. Once in a while, take your children to work. However boring it may seem to you, your work place can appear fascinating to your children. Let them do a little task, however, small to give them a role they can be proud of. Explain what happened and what you are doing. if it’s not appropriate to have children in your work place, try to bring home some work that they might find of interest.

Assess your kids. If you feel quilty that you are not spending enough time with your kids, ask yourself honestly whether you think it is doing them any harm. If they are happy, with the care you have arranged, theres every likelihood that they are coping. Are they eating and sleeping, playing and learning? If you have any doubts, think of ways of spending more time together , or free up what time you have to give them more of your attention.

Colleagues, family and friends often have need of our time, and adults needs can seem more pressing than children’s. But remember (as you are yet again on the phone to a lovesick friend) that – hard nosed as it may seem your children must have first call on you.

Hope this blog was helpful. 🙂

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