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Simplify bedtime

Simplify bedtime

If your kids try to spin out bedtime – ” I am still hungry” ” I want a drink”  “Bring me a tissue”
or the perennial ” I can’t sleep”  make it clear that they need to ask for everything they want before a certain time. After that it’s too late for requests and complains; they just have to lie in bed resting until they drop off. Once they have got used to this rule, bedtimes should be less stressful for everyone and your kids should get off to sleep more easily.

Compensate for delays. If bedtimes tends to be protracted event, put your kids to bed half an hour earlier so they still get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Enjoy sweet awakenings. Wake your children gently and in a kind way. Tell them you love them; tell them it’s a beautiful day; tell them they are the sunshine! They are usually too sleepy to be embarrassed, and will be buoyed up for the rest of the day by such a happy start.

Keep regular bedtimes. If you have one childrens bedtime for weekdays and another for weekends, children intend to get confused. (jet lag!)

Speaking of that, newborn baby needs to be photographed within 10 days they were born.
So let them sleep before your baby photographer turns up.

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Turn off the light

Turn off the light at night. Some children prefer to sleep with the light on, but scientists fear that this may disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and in inhibit the production of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that is thought to help prevent tumours.

If children must have a night-light, dim red or yellow toned lights are preferable to blue or green because the latter have a more negative effect on melatonin levels. Any bright lights at night – even those put on for a brief trip to the toilet – will be interpreted as day by the brain,causing melatonin levels to fall. Putting the lights out also works as a clear signal to your kids that it is now time to switch off for the night.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about your child, the first thing to do is to make sure that they are getting enough sleep. It’s the cornerstone of their health and happiness. Without sufficient sleep their behaviours, learning ability and mood will all suffer.

For newborn baby, they usually sleep very well first 10 days they were born. If you are thinking about having your baby photo session done, please contact Katsu while you are still pregnant as the newborn session needs to be done within 10 days!

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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Be a party political

Be a party political

Only give you out birthday invitations at school if you are inviting your child’s entire class. Otherwise post them or hand inviting your child’s entire class. Otherwise post them or hand them to the invitees in person. If the children are old enough to follow instructions, write please be discreet about having been invited where it will be noticed. This will avoid upsetting the feelings of children who have not been invited.

Take it easy. Before you accept a party invitation to an inconvenient venue, check that your children want to go. If they are just as happy to stay at home or to do something locally, you can spare yourself the time and effort.

Make milestone memories for your kids – A trip to see where they were born, a meeting with a person whom they admire, a surprise party, the chance to do something they have always wanted to do. Such high points become milestones in the memory of childhood. Record the event on camera and if possible, get your child to write an account, which they can enjoy rereading when they are older. Also, ask your kids for suggestions – they may come up with something exciting and original based on their particular interests.

Make sure that you take a lot of photos during the party, or hire a professional photographer like myself for your memories to be cherish forever.

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Set a time

Set a time

Kids have a habit of getting up before dawn on special occasions, so put the clocks beside their beds and tell them that they are not allowed to get up before a certain hour. If they can’t yet tell the time, set the alarm and warn them not to rise before it;s gone off. The knowledge that they won’t be allowed to pen presents or start the fun too early can deter then from waking at the crack of them.

Be kind, though- waiting is very hard when you are little, so let them get up a little in advance of the usual time.

Carpet the floor with balloons and invite the children to be balloonatics, running jumping batting and buffing each other. Put on some music and you have a cheap and cheerful kids party activity. Avoid overinflating the balloons or they will burst very easily and the fun will be over al too soon.

Make sure you take some family photos when there are any special events such as birthday party or weekend trips. You can always contact Sydney Treasures Photography to take your family photography, also! Please contact Katsu to book your session.

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Store Greeting Cards

Store Greeting Cards and post cards suitable for all ages and occasions so that you have cards readily available for birthdays, thank you and whatever else you need to say. Ask you r kids to choose some that they would be happy to send to their friends and add them to your collection.

Say it in writing. Check that your children acknowledge every gift they receive, ideally saying thank you with a drawing or a card that they have made temselves. Little kids can just scribble their thanks.

Take freebies. Kids love to get something for nothing. and some of the freebies on offer can be really usuful. Keep a stash of bookmarks so that they are always to hand (kids are often put off reading by losing their place each time they return to a book)  and accept the free gifts offered to children in planes and restaurants. If you children don’t want them, you can always give them to visiting kids.

Encourage generosity. If smaller children come to visit, ask your children to bring out and share toys and games that they have outgrown.  Make sure to take a lot of photos when the friends are visiting. You can always contact me to photograph kids parties, too.

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