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Actions not words

Actions not words

Explain that the word “sorry” is useful only it it means, I will try not to do it again, and that all apologies are only as good as the actions that follow them.

Combat disaffection with involment. Children of all ages are generally more contented once they have a role. Whether it’s washing up, gardening, making something, decorating or sewing, give your child a task that is achievable and rewarding.

Work animal magic by giving your child their own pet to look after. Knowing that the animal is solely dependent on them can give them a first taste of real responsibility.

Teach them to live by their own lights, not to be led astray by other people’s.

Take the long view. Separation can be as upsetting for parents as it s for children. If you are dreaming the school trip and think you will be anxious the whole time your child is away, remember that in all likelihood it will be a great experience from which they will grow in confidence and independence. A little time apart from parents can be truly liberating for a child. Make sure that you take a lot of photos of your children and you together as well as individual shots.

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Do not get personal

Do not get personal

Arguing with your spouse or partner can sometimes be inevitable – young children can be pretty wearing but exercise damage limitation by agreeing in advance that thought you might have argue over an issue, you don’t trade personal insults in front of the kids and family.

Encourage your partner Never vie with each other from the children’s affections, rather, observe the good things about your partner’s approach to parenting, and be ready to compliment them and to boost their confidence. Be self aware . Imagine that you had yourself as a parent. Would you be happy? Would you like you? What would you think were your strength and weakness?

Think about your friends. If I had to choose one couple to be your own parents, who would they be and why? You may be surprised by your choice. but think about it. Are you giving your child what those parents give theirs? Can you? Should you?

Encourage your partner to have some photo sessions with you and your kids. People can take photos with their phones easily these days but how many photos do you have all together? Most people don’t have many! You can always contact me to do your family portrait in Sydney!!

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Parental roles

Parental roles

Swap jobs. Surprise your kids by sometimes doing what they expect your partner to do, so they might find one day that Daddy is doing the school run and Mummy is asking them for help to build shelves. Taking on s task that your partner usually does can make for more equitable co-parenting.

Have one to one time. However many kids you have, try to give each one a little time alone with you. No two family relationships are the same, so children revel in getting Mummy, Daddy or another much-loved relative all to themselves. When the family is tired and fraught, it can be helpful to split up into more manageable teams.

Have one parenting approach. If Mum is very strict and Dad very lenient, or vice versa, kids get confused and behaviour tends to suffer. Bash out your differences in private so as to be able to give your your kids clear, coherent guidance.

Free your partner from parenting. Let them go on a short break with friends, take a course or just have a long lie-in ocasionally. Doing things all together as a family is great, but parents need their own time for work and play.

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Christmas Gift – $99!

Christmas Gift – $99!

The $99 Family Photo Shoot!!

With Christmas rapidly approaching,  Sydney Treasures Photography are offering a $99 special on our Family Photo shoots. 

You can bring your big family to the shoot, or keep it intimate with just you and your partner or your kids only. 

And if you don’t like having your photograph taken, no worries! I can arrange a gift voucher for you to give the shoot as a gift! 

Unlike most photo shoots I will provide you with digital files on any packages that you will be choosing from and you only purchase the photos that you love!

From those digital files,  you can print as many copies as you like, have them made into a little canvas, or upload them to Facebook or your blog. 

Book in early enough and you can even use the images to make calendars, mugs and key rings ideal gifts for family at Christmas! (Printable up to A4 size)

We will even post “Photoshop” a handful of the photographs for you!

  • You can choose any locations in Sydney.  A small additional transport cost will be applied. ($50)
  • The shoot goes for usually one hour. Once when all your photos edited, you will select your favourite photos from our Online Gallery and select your packages and perhaps optional products such as kids album and canvas arts.
  • Availability over the Christmas period will be limited, please have a 2nd date available for this time
  • We can operate photo shoots seven days a week but as we are often booked far in advance, your first choice of date may not be available. If your photo shoot has to be on a specific date, please call ahead before purchasing to check we are available on that day.
  • Once a photo shoot is booked in it can be changed as many times as you like as long as the change is made at least 2 hours prior.  
  • There are no limits to the number of photo shoots you can buy; you can even buy gift vouchers An ideal Christmas present for the person who has everything!
  • The photo shoot is an ‘on-location’ shoot, either at your own home, the beach, in a nearby park etc I do not use fixed studio lighting for this shoot during Christmas season. If you would like a studio-style shoot please contact me.
  • We will post produce (Photoshop) a dozen of your photographs for you to make your photos pop or to edit out any blemishes. Any additional post-production work will be charged extra.
  • This special offer ends December 24th 2013. Don’t miss out!!!
To book, please email or call me on 0407 064 044. If you have any additional questions or if you would like to check date availability then again please don’t hesitate to call to Katsu!