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Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park

Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park
Where do you have your Portrait Photography in Sydney?

I often get asked “Where do we have your family photo session?.

My answer is usually The Centennial Park.

Why is that?

Well, this might sounds a bit technical but photography is always about lighting.

If I was in the photo studio, I can control the lighting or background easily.

However, when the location is outdoor, I will need to find a spot and time that I can control lighting for your best result.

When I say “lighting”, usually I am talking about the directions where the lighting coming from, not so much much how bright or dark.

It gets tricky when my clients choose where they would like to have their photos taken.

It’s only because I don’t get to choose the directions to photograph if they say….

“Can we have The Opera House in background? “


“Can we have some photos with the water behind us?”

Obviously When I photograph family, I will need to focus on more people rather than background.  But when my clients are pretty focus on background or the location,  I can tell you that you are not going to get good results.

Especially during summer time in Sydney, the sun gets glary, so I always make sure that I will direct them to be in the shade completely. But what if there are not shades around the areas my clients asked to have their photos taken?

This is why, it’s important to talk to your family portrait photographer like myself to find out where and what time are the best for the best result.

Here are some tips:

In Sydney, the sun does not goes down into the water (yes in Western Australia!), it means that if you would like to have your family photos at the beach, unfortunately you won’t get nice photos due to bad lighting enviroment.

This is why I always suggest all my clients in Sydney to have their photos taken at The Centennial Park.

It’s just because I know great spots, no matter whether it’s super sunny or cloudy day, morning or afternoon, I can control the lighting better because there are great non-busy & beautiful background with huge shades under the big trees!

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Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park Where do you have your Portrait Photography in Sydney?

Family Portrait Session in Sydney

Family Portrait Session in Sydney
– Sydney’s most affordable family portrait photography studio –

When the last time you had your family photos taken?

When I ask this question, most of the time they say, “Hmmmmm…..”

If you are the mother reading this blog, I bet you are the one that chasing up your little one(s) to
try to have some best shots with your little phone. But in fact it’s not that easy.

Your kids are too little to listen what you asked for and there are always bad shadows on their face, dirty backgrounds, the photos are too dark or bad angle.

You might be able to get some lucky shots with your phone but not always great.

Non like other family portrait photography studio in Sydney, Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu will provide you jpeg files for any packages that you choose from.

And you do not need to decide or being locked in to purchase your package with us.

What we do is simple, fear and straight forward!

We ask you to put the deposit of $150 to secure your spot. This is for us to photograph you for about 40 minutes at The Centennial Park (usually) edit all your photos one bye one and create your online gallery for you to view all your photos from the session.

Once when your photo shoot is done, please allow us 3 days to edit them all and upload to the online gallery. Once when it’s done you will receive a link and password from us to view and select your favourite photos only.

Yes, you get to choose your favourite photos and you only purchase favourite photos only. (jpeg file)

The price changes depending on how many photos that you will choose.
If you choose our Diamond package, you will receive ALL YOUR PHOTOS, also!

You can also purchase additional canvas arts, glass wall arts or kids album if you like.

When you choose and complete the payment, we will send your jpeg files on the day!

Very simple and all my clients are very happy with my packages!

My weekends are usually booked out a few months in advance.

Please contact Katsu to find out more information about your family portrait session!

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Family Portrait Session in Sydney Affordable family portrait photography

Great Customer Review

Great Customer Review Sydney Treasures Photography

Shelly contacted me trough my website for her son’s 3 years birthday.

I would like to share it to everybody here today.

So here it is:

“Thank you so much for the kids photo shoot.

The photos are absolutely brilliant and capture the Kids individual personalities perfectly.

Katsu was really lovely and made them all feel relaxed!

We would highly recommend Sydney Treasures for any type of shoot!

Thank you again, Katsu!!”


I must say that the feedback from my happy clients like this always make me happy and motivated. I don’t advertise anywhere for my little business, so the review like this from my clients are very important to me.

Thank you again for using my service and I am so happy that you love my work, Shelly!

If you are looking for your family portraits, children photos, newborn baby photography, or maternity photography, please contact Sydney Treasures Photography!

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Gift Voucher Sydney Family Photo session – Family Portrait

Affordable Maternity Photography Sydney

Affordable Maternity Photography Sydney
Sydney’s favourite Maternity Photographer by Katsu Nojiri

A lot of my wedding clients come back to me, when they become pregnant.

Did you know that Sydney Treasures Photography is an expert for Maternity Photography?

We now have Maternity photography and Newborn Photography package combined.

Once when you have Maternity photography with Sydney Treasures Photography,
you save $150 for your Newborn Baby Photography!!

It’s best to book us around 2 weeks before your due.

We are one of the most experienced yet affordable maternity photography studio based in
Waterloo, Sydney Australia.

We have a mini home studio with a lot of props and studio equipments.
If you prefer, we can come to you, too! (As long as your place has a lot of spaces and natural light!

Please contact us for your maternity photography!

Sydney Treasures Photography

Affordable Maternity Photography in Sydney

Maternity Photography in Sydney – Sydney Treasures Photography