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Sydney’s most favourite children photography by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney’s most favourite children photography by Katsu Nojiri

The children grow too quickly and a lot of people miss out opportunities to have professional children photos for their children at least once a year.

Yes, we all have smart photos which allowed you to take some good photos but you will need more than good photos for your beautiful children!

My little home studio is in Waterloo but usually for children photography, you will get better result when the kids are outside, happy, playing and being who they are rather than staged in the studio.  I am also an expert (!) for natural lighting photography.

Children photography is always better outside

By using natural lights, your kids looks more fresher and happier.

When I say natural light, you probably know but photography is all about lighting and angle.

I alway make sure that the kids are in the shade under the trees, so I can control the lighting MUCH BETTER.

“So please please do not ask me to do the children photos on the beach (In Sydney) .”

It’s just because there are not enough shades on the beach and for the lighting I will need to photograph your kids from me being in the water facing the beach for the best result.

I know that this is a bit technical but because of where sunlight come through in Sydney, you will hardly get great children or family photos in Sydney. (different story in Western Australia or landscape photos)

We can talk about this more when you message me but  The Centennial Park is the best location that I know. I promise that you will get great result there.

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