Break the mould

Break the mould

If you are feeling stuck in a rut, try being more adventurous with the choices that are already available to you. Even small changes can be refreshing. Try different foods, or drinks, read a new genre of novel  or bush walking or take some photos with your phone, or visit the places that you have never been to before. (Don’t forget to take your camera to snap!)

Be selective. Commit yourself to whatever you feel is really worthwhile, but beware of saying yes to every request that is made to you. You can not take other people kid’s to school and help in the school library and go on the school outing and undertake fund-raising and ferry a bunch of kids or babies home for tea and you then be fresh for your own children. Only undertake what you can achieve comfortably.

Relax with a drink. If you like to chill out with a drink in the evening, save it until after your children gone to bed. Early evening is a busy time with kids, and alcohol can make make it less easy to cope with conflicting.

Get the professional photographer to take some family photos at least once a year as your children grows so quickly. You don’t want to miss opportunity!

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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