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Family Portrait Packages at Sydney Treasures Photography

Family Portrait Packages at Sydney Treasures Photography

When you would like to have your photography session with professional photographers,
you always wonder how much it will be? Will it be expensive?

At Sydney Treasures Photography, my affordable packages are simple and affordable.

So how do we do that?

When you book me, I will need you to send me your booking form and the deposit of $150.
So I can secure your spot fro you. (Usually 45 minutes )

Not to confuse you, this $150 for me to photograph, edit all your photos, rental props and creating your own online gallery not for your products such as images or prints.

So that’s all you pay for now.

Then we usually meet up at a spot at The Centennial Park for your family portrait session.

After your photo session, I will edit all your photos individually, then upload onto your own online gallery with your password.

So you can view all your photos from the day, and select your favourite photos (jpeg images) to purchase.

What I am saying here is, you have flexibility to decide your package (based on your budget or whether you liked your photos or not!) after your photo session not like other photography studios.

In the way, I am taking a risk that you won’t buy anything after your family photo session.
But I am that confident that you will love all my work!!

Now it’s up to you decide which photos or how many you would like to purchase!

Family Portrait Packages at Sydney Treasures Photography

Sample Online Gallery

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Sydney’s most favourite children photography by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney’s most favourite children photography by Katsu Nojiri

The children grow too quickly and a lot of people miss out opportunities to have professional children photos for their children at least once a year.

Yes, we all have smart photos which allowed you to take some good photos but you will need more than good photos for your beautiful children!

My little home studio is in Waterloo but usually for children photography, you will get better result when the kids are outside, happy, playing and being who they are rather than staged in the studio.  I am also an expert (!) for natural lighting photography.

Children photography is always better outside

By using natural lights, your kids looks more fresher and happier.

When I say natural light, you probably know but photography is all about lighting and angle.

I alway make sure that the kids are in the shade under the trees, so I can control the lighting MUCH BETTER.

“So please please do not ask me to do the children photos on the beach (In Sydney) .”

It’s just because there are not enough shades on the beach and for the lighting I will need to photograph your kids from me being in the water facing the beach for the best result.

I know that this is a bit technical but because of where sunlight come through in Sydney, you will hardly get great children or family photos in Sydney. (different story in Western Australia or landscape photos)

We can talk about this more when you message me but  The Centennial Park is the best location that I know. I promise that you will get great result there.

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Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park

Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park
Where do you have your Portrait Photography in Sydney?

I often get asked “Where do we have your family photo session?.

My answer is usually The Centennial Park.

Why is that?

Well, this might sounds a bit technical but photography is always about lighting.

If I was in the photo studio, I can control the lighting or background easily.

However, when the location is outdoor, I will need to find a spot and time that I can control lighting for your best result.

When I say “lighting”, usually I am talking about the directions where the lighting coming from, not so much much how bright or dark.

It gets tricky when my clients choose where they would like to have their photos taken.

It’s only because I don’t get to choose the directions to photograph if they say….

“Can we have The Opera House in background? “


“Can we have some photos with the water behind us?”

Obviously When I photograph family, I will need to focus on more people rather than background.  But when my clients are pretty focus on background or the location,  I can tell you that you are not going to get good results.

Especially during summer time in Sydney, the sun gets glary, so I always make sure that I will direct them to be in the shade completely. But what if there are not shades around the areas my clients asked to have their photos taken?

This is why, it’s important to talk to your family portrait photographer like myself to find out where and what time are the best for the best result.

Here are some tips:

In Sydney, the sun does not goes down into the water (yes in Western Australia!), it means that if you would like to have your family photos at the beach, unfortunately you won’t get nice photos due to bad lighting enviroment.

This is why I always suggest all my clients in Sydney to have their photos taken at The Centennial Park.

It’s just because I know great spots, no matter whether it’s super sunny or cloudy day, morning or afternoon, I can control the lighting better because there are great non-busy & beautiful background with huge shades under the big trees!

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Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park Where do you have your Portrait Photography in Sydney?

Affordable Maternity Photography Sydney

Affordable Maternity Photography Sydney
Sydney’s favourite Maternity Photographer by Katsu Nojiri

A lot of my wedding clients come back to me, when they become pregnant.

Did you know that Sydney Treasures Photography is an expert for Maternity Photography?

We now have Maternity photography and Newborn Photography package combined.

Once when you have Maternity photography with Sydney Treasures Photography,
you save $150 for your Newborn Baby Photography!!

It’s best to book us around 2 weeks before your due.

We are one of the most experienced yet affordable maternity photography studio based in
Waterloo, Sydney Australia.

We have a mini home studio with a lot of props and studio equipments.
If you prefer, we can come to you, too! (As long as your place has a lot of spaces and natural light!

Please contact us for your maternity photography!

Sydney Treasures Photography

Affordable Maternity Photography in Sydney

Maternity Photography in Sydney – Sydney Treasures Photography

Looking to have your newborn baby photos taken?

Looking to have your newborn baby photos taken?

Are you looking for your newborn baby photographer in your area?

Here are some tips when you book your photographer.

Because people often messages me saying…


“My baby is now 4 weeks old. Can I book you for a newborn baby photo session?”

Well, this is the hard one. Because Newborn baby photo should be done within 7-10 days after they were born not 4 weeks later!

It’s just because I will need to photograph your little baby while they are asleep.
After 10 days, when people touch babies or make them do some poses for the photos, they usually wake up and cry…

However, Within 10 days after they were born, they think that they are still in the water.

The best way to book your photographer is when you are pregnant around 35 weeks, so we can photograph maternity photography first and pre-book your newborn baby photography then.

After your baby popped, you will have a few days at the hospital, that is when we decide which date you would like to come to my home studio or I can come to you. (limited photos can be done at yours though)

I am based in Waterloo, Sydney and have my own home studio with all those props and backdrops.

Please pre-book your newborn photography session while you are pregnant or book your maternity photography session when you are around 35 weeks!

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Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu

Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu

Christmas Gift Vouchers from Sydney Treasures Photography

Christmas Gift Vouchers from Sydney Treasures Photography

Time flies!  YES, It’s almost the end of the year.

Christmas is just around the corner.

What is your Christmas gift idea for this year 2016?

How about A GIFT VOUCHER for your loved ones?

If you have more budget, you can purchase $200, so they will receive one digital image, also!

This can be used for their family portrait, newborn photography, children photography or couples are welcome, too.
Don’s miss out your opportunity!

Get your voucher today!!!

Sydney Treasures Photography

Christmas Gift Vouchers from Sydney Treasures Photography

Christmas Gift Voucher Sydney Family Photo session – Family Portrait

Family Portrait Photo Session in Sydney?

Family Portrait Photo Session in Sydney?

If you are looking for your family photos in Sydney, you have came to the right place.
Sydney Treasures Photography is run by International multi award-winning photographer Katsu Nojiri.

Our mission is to capture your family and children as natural as possible and keep it simple and candid. If you like your children to dress up, we can also organise a fashion stylist as an option so your children could look even better during the photo shoot.

At Sydney Treasures Photography, you are not locked in to buy any photos when you book us. You only pay Photo Session Fee ($150) plus Traveling fee ($50)to secure your spot, so we can photograph your family and children without any limitations during the photo session. (usually 1 hour). You will get better results if we photograph outside such as your favourite park rathe than your home. For your newborn baby, we will come to you so we can photograph your baby and we do family photos after that for the same price.

Once when the photo shoot finishes, we will upload all your photos onto our online gallery(password-protected), so you can choose your favourite photos only.
Based on how many photos you will be selecting, the package you will choose will be changed.
Please see our packages here.

We also sell gift vouchers four family and friends.

Please feel free contact us anytime to find out more or check our availability!


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Family Portrait Photography in Sydney

Family Portrait Photography in Sydney

Family portrait sessions should be a lot fun and great experiences for everyone!

As family photographers of Sydney Treasures Photography, whether the locations is Sydney, Perh or Melbourne, we are confident that can do much more than capturing stunning photos for all our clients.

We can make sure all our clients includes thier children enjoy their time with us. Ultimately, familiy portrait sessions with us is what determines if we are gaining clients who will want to come back to us again and again. More than 80% of our clients are repeat and refereal customers. This is how we gained our Facebook Fan up to 2700+.
Check out our Facebook fanpage

Since 2014 December, we started our family portrait sessions in Melbourne and Perth as well as Sydney. We are hoping to see more happy faces in front of cameras! in 2015. Our weekend sessions are intend to gbe booked out early, so please book us our availabilty. We also have Family Portrait Gift Vouchers starting from $150 if you are thiking about great gifts for your loved ones.

Please let us capture your beautiful memories while you are having fun!

Oh one more thing. Yes we do Newborn Baby Photography too. We have little outfits for boys and girls. Please pre-book us while you are still pregnant as Newborn Photograph session needs to be done within 10 days maximum after your baby is born.

More photos on Flickr:

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Family Portrait Photography in Sydney

Amazing Newborn Baby and Family Portrait in Sydney

Amazing Newborn Baby and Family Portrait in Sydney

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” -Dr Seuss

But again, you don’t want to go through all your photos from the years ago seeing yourself and children standing still and staring at the camera lens straight.

If you are tired of posed, stiff and cheesy family portraits, then you came to the right place. 

Katsu Nojiri who is award-winning wedding photographer / Co-founder Sydney Treasures Photography started taking photos as a professional photographer early 90’s.

I hated seeing boring & posed wedding photos, cheesy family portrait, daggy background in the studio when the children is so grumpy…  So I have decided to capture natural moments of his clients. ” I just wanted my clients to be the way they are. I wanted them to smile, chat and laugh when they look at those photos.”  ” OMG! I remember when we did this photo shoot James did this while Kate was doing that… Look at his smiles on these photos! Oh, I remember this soft toy, I used to love him!” This is the kind of conversation that I would like al my clients.

If you are looking for your family photos in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth (perhaps in Bangkok too!) but something different, natural and unique. Please contact Sydney Treasures Photography!

We don’t try to sell you photo prints because you will receive your digital images with any of our packages. We don’t try to sell you expensive framed photos, because we allow you to do that yourself with better prices, because you will receive digital images. You choose the photos that you love not us! So only select the photos that you love!

Does this sound fair to you? Then Email us to find out our availability!

p.s: Our weekend family sessions fills up early especially in the morning as the kids are more fresh!

Please like our Facebook Fan Page too!

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family portrait Sydney, Melbourne and Perth - Sydney Treasures Photography copy



What to wear on your family portrait

What to wear on your family portrait

Deciding what to wear in family photos can be challenging especially if you have never done your family portrait so. These are photos you are going to hang on your walls and cherish for years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be.  We now photograph family portraits in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth!

1: Wear something casual
Wearing suits, evening dress is a bit more like 80-90’s these days.
Please wear something casual

2: NO Matching colour or matching cloth
That is also 80-90s. You can match similar colour but not all wears same colour (all jeans and same red polo…) For children, something bright such as red, yellow blue, green but no busy pattern or big logos.

3: We have some outfits for Newborn Photograph session.
If you are planing to have your newborn photo session, please don’t worry. We have all outfits for you for FREE. If you like, we have an stylist who can style your cloth for your photo shoot on the day. (additional fee of $200)

4: Outside outside!
Since we do not use big flash lights, we rely on natural lights. We can do newborn photo session at your place, that is not a problem. But for your family photos, we can photograph you better outside at the park as we can control the lights and angle better. Cloudy day is fine, too!

All inquires:
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