Make Potions

Save some little plastic bottles and help your kids to gather the ingredients for potions:
pleasant ones (mixture of bathroom toiletries) weird ones (strange food combinations) and downright yucky ones(earth, paint, milk, washing-up water..anything) Stick around while they make them to check that they don’t) wreck your home in the process get their hands on anything dangerous and actually drink them. It’s a lot of fun for kids to make up positions and invent the magical effects they cause.

Make believe. Take your kids to a palace and all of your pretend that you are royal, go to a museum and strike the poses of the statues, lie with your hands over your chest and imagine yourselves to be ancient Egyptian mummies, drama and art and out of yourself.

Improve scenrios. Kids love simple acting exercises. A couple of children might try having a conversation in which each wants to have the last word, each is trying to impress the other or each in frightened of the other. Suggest subjects and situations that are of particular interest to your children and let them invent their own improvisations.

We enjoy photograph children when they are playing at the park, a lot of our photos on our website are done at the park in Sydney. We love photographing kids as natural as possible!

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