Move On

Move On

Young children develop very fast. A toy that was fascinating a month ago may be of little interest now, so keep abreast of your child’s curiosity and developing intellect by presenting them with fresh challenges and activities.

You needn’t spend a fortune toy liberties, charity shops and imaginative activities won’t  break the bank.

For your older children, give advice not your opinion.

Answer their questions about sex straightforwardly and candidly, without offering more information than you think they need to know at their age and stage.

Be liberal enough that your children don’t need to lie to you. Allow them to share with you the inevitable milestones of growing up: trying a little alcohol first kiss, a youthful adventure. It’s safer to be in the know than out of touch.

Don’t jump to conclusions. If you disapprove of something your child does, try not to aggrandise it with your outrage. One drink does not make an alcoholic, nor one cigarette a smoker. Better to have a mature discussion about health than a slanging match about your fears for the future.

Make sure you keep the record how they grow up by photos. They grow up very fast.
Having beautiful photos for your children are investment. Please book Katsu for your photo session.

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