Newborn Baby Tips – Home

Newborn Baby Tips – Home

Limit visitors to your new baby,  ideally to immediate family only.

If you can’t avoid seeing a lot of people, group visitors into one group part of the day so that for the
majority of the time you can rest, relax and recuperate.

Look at each other. You new baby can’t focus beyond around 12in(30cm), which is about the distance from your breast to your face. Stay close when playing or chatting so as to have eye contact.

Banish flowers from around a newborn baby. The infant is just getting used to breathing and can well do without air being heavy which allergen. In advance of the birth, tactfully tell friends that if they want to buy something a little gift for the baby would be preferred… Nappies are always useful!

Don’t overcommit yourself in the weeks before and after the birth. Give your growing family the time and space to take things easy.

Accept mood swings. After the birth, the mother’s hormones go into free fall. Being emotional is feature of the first few days with a new baby, and confused to be sobbing over their newborn child.

Treat having a cry as you would having a laugh: let your feelings out, let them run their course, then let them pass.

If you would like to book your newborn photo session, please book us while you are still pregnant.

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