What to wear on your family portrait

What to wear on your family portrait

Deciding what to wear in family photos can be challenging especially if you have never done your family portrait so. These are photos you are going to hang on your walls and cherish for years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be.  We now photograph family portraits in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth!

1: Wear something casual
Wearing suits, evening dress is a bit more like 80-90’s these days.
Please wear something casual

2: NO Matching colour or matching cloth
That is also 80-90s. You can match similar colour but not all wears same colour (all jeans and same red polo…) For children, something bright such as red, yellow blue, green but no busy pattern or big logos.

3: We have some outfits for Newborn Photograph session.
If you are planing to have your newborn photo session, please don’t worry. We have all outfits for you for FREE. If you like, we have an stylist who can style your cloth for your photo shoot on the day. (additional fee of $200)

4: Outside outside!
Since we do not use big flash lights, we rely on natural lights. We can do newborn photo session at your place, that is not a problem. But for your family photos, we can photograph you better outside at the park as we can control the lights and angle better. Cloudy day is fine, too!

All inquires:
Sydney Treasures Photography
e: info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au


Family Photo Session

Family Photo Session

Family & Portrait Photography with Sydney Treasures Photography.
We now have our stunning experienced photographers in Melbourne and Perth, also.
Step 1 – booking your photo session with Sydney Treasures Photography

The first step in working with us for family & children portrait photography is booking the photo-shoot itself. Please check our availability to see if our fantastic photographers in your area. Usually we are booked in the morning of the weekends early, so please book us early!
Our photo session fee is $150 plus a $50 as a traveling fee. The total of $200 to be paid when you book us. (The date can be changed if it’s bad weather nut we don’t refund)

Step 2 – Enjoy your photo shoot with our fantastic & fun photographers!

Please pick your favourite spot for your photo session! Maybe Kings Park or Swan River if you are based in Perth? Yarra River if you are based in Melbourne? Or Botanic Garden in Sydney?
You can bring your picnic blanket or your little pets or changing outfits if you like!
We love to photograph you the way you always are and as natural as possible.

Step 3 – choosing your stunning photographs.

By working with Sydney Treasures Photography, we offer each of our clients our ‘Online Gallery Service (Password-protected)” which allows you to select your favourite photos after your photo session within 3 days!  So you can see all your photos from your photo session and choose only the photos you love. You will know how much your investment is going to be without any hidden surprise or catch.

Once when you choose your favourite photos, please select our Treasures Packages based on the numbers of the photos you selected, they complete the payment.

Step 4 – Check your Email

Now please check your email. You will be able to download your stunning photos via Dropbox.
Please also check our Facebook Fan Page to see and share your beautiful photo with your friends and family! Please feel free to like, comment or share!

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime!

Arthur: Katsu Nojiri

Instagram: #photographybykatsunojiri

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What Does a Typical Photo Session Look Like?

All photo sessions are different and depend of what you are looking to capture. Nevertheless, a typical child or family session takes place at the location of your choice. It could be in your home, at a park, on the streets of Sydney, Melbourne or Perth city or some place that is special to you and your family. What matters most is that it is in a place where everyone feels comfortable and its even better if it is a location that is meaningful to you!

During a session, it is our goal to capture your family in a way that is natural and comfortable. Usually, when working with children, we will spend some time with each kid, chatting, playing and taking pictures. We may spend some time by a window or under a tree with your children and a favorite toy, throw everyone in a pile of leaves, or ask them to run down a hill. Its all very casual, relaxed and fun! Of course, we will do some posed shots of the kids and family together, also.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

Please contact us by email to inquire about a photo session. (When, where and what time!)
We welcome the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the photo session via email. When you are ready to schedule a session, please let us know the date and time to see if we are available. We intend to book out most of weekends, so please book us early to avoid the disappointments.

What Should We Wear?

Please wear something comfortable on the day. It helps if everyone is wearing the same style of clothes, i.e. casual or dressy but please not matching cloth. We have also found that the photo images look better if we avoid loud and busy patterns, contrasting colours, big logos or character shirts. Essentially, clothes should complement each other without being too “matchy.” Layers and textures are awesome, as are accessories – scarves, hats and hair bows are all great choices. We found that colourful tops are always cute for kids. Please no black or white for outdoor photo sessions.

How Long Until My Images are Ready?

We understand that all our clients are anxious their photos after their photo sessions!
For the reason, approximately 3-5 days after your photo session, we will be in touch to let you know when your images are ready, so you can see all your images on our online gallery (password-protected) for you to view and select your favourite photos.

How do I receive my images? How big the images?
Once when you complete your payment of your favourite photos that you select,
we will send your images via dropbox within 24 hours. The size of images are printable up to
A4 size. If you would like to print bigger than that, please let us know!

Which area do you serve?
We serve all Sydney area, Melbourne and Perth.

Please contact us at info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au

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Our latest testimonials

Our latest testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing efforts in capturing our 4 little grandchildren recently for my husband’s surprise 50th birthday present. The venue was perfect and the lead-up information was absolutely spot on for our needs. You have made a difficult exercise seem effortless and displayed great patience and calm. The kids all responded so well to you at the shoot. Great job and thanks again.” T Spencer
“All your photos were so beautiful, one of my girlfriends said the birth announcement took her breath away. I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know having babies. Thanks again for all your hard work I’m sure I’ll be back again when the next bub comes along.” Jay P
“Thank you so much for such a lovely day. We didn’t have a clue what to expect so were rather nervous (esp hubby). BUT, you put us at ease immediately. It was good to have hair and make up done not only for the shoot but we really think it helped us get to know you a little bit before the camera came out!” Kathy M
“We are both still chatting about the shoot yesterday. You are so awesome and your photos…well they are on a different scale of fabulousness! We cant wait to see the whole package and come down again soon.” Jenny L
“I am completely blown away by the new images of our second shoot with Sydney Treasures Photography…the photos are breathtaking and I love EVERY one of them. How ever will I choose? Thank you, you truly are one gifted photographer” Mary J
“My family and I will always treasure the gorgeous photos you captured of my baby boy. Can’t rave about you enough, keep up the truly original and phenomenal work :))” Moet G
“I just love all the pictures that were taken and I will have them with me to look at for a long, long time. The pictures capture how small my bub was and nearly 5 months later he has grown into such a little boy you forget how small they actually were” Francis T.
“Love, love, love the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for a fantastic job”. Emily H
“Very professional and the end resulting photos are sooo adorable!! Thanks for the everlasting memories! I recommend you guys to all my expecting friends here in Melbourne! xo” H Matson
“WOW!!!!!! We are so blown away by our photos and so so happy with them! I can’t thank you enough for capturing our family so well, the quality of the photos is amazing and you made us feel so relaxed which is obvious in the pics. Now the hard part…trying to choose our favourites when they all are!! Thank you so much again, I highly recommend you to anyone xx” Amanda D
“I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you! The photo’s are so beautiful, we had such a good time and I can’t wait to put them up” Isabel G
“Thank you for all your efforts we both believe you have done an outstanding job and will be recomending you to all our friends in Perth. We will also hopefully be coming to see you again soon with bub number 2.  Andrew S
“They are very beautiful photos, thank you. So lovely that we want to keep them all…” Alice M
“Thanks again Katsu for capturing our family, your one in a million!!” Di L
“Your unique photo style, professionalism and friendly nature makes for a wonderful experience. The photos you took of our little man Alexander are amazing. Thank you very much.” M Silva

We now provide our service in Melbourne and Perth, also! Please contact us if you would like to have your family photos with us!

– See more at:http://www.sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au/faq.html

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We now provide our service in Perth, Australia!

We now provide our service in Perth, Australia!

Are you looking for your family photographers in Perth? Would you like your beautiful children to photographed by our experienced children photographers in Perth?

Now we have our professional photographers in Perth, so please contact us if you are looking for your family portrait in Perth.

Great photographs require more than just a great camera. They also need a great photographer to work their magic. Sydney Treasures Photography is operated by a dedicated photographer that truly loves his art form. You’ll be greeted with creative flair, attention to detail, and an outstanding ability to consistently produce beautiful photographs. When it comes to child and family photography in Perth, you can rest assured that our team will get that perfect snapshot to take home and cherish.

Our photo sessions capture and reflect the real you. The smiles should be genuine. The actions are natural. The are the photos ones you treasure.

Nothing captures a beautiful moment better than a great photo in a natural setting such as Kins Park or Swans River in Perth. Photos taken in your child’s favourite places can really bring out those lovely smiles and positive emotions, giving you a perfect picture to treasure forever. We often find that photo’s of children taken outside the confines of a studio add a whole extra dimension of authenticity to the shot. Plus, it doesn’t matter if that setting is a play park or a beach, here at Sydney Treasures Photography we’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Why wait till Christmas? Contact us for your family photos in Perth!!

Sydney Treasures Photography

email: info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au



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Family photographer in Bangkok, Thailand?

Family photographer in Bangkok, Thailand?

Today we have a big news to all our fans!

Who likes Thailand here? I mean who doesn’t??
We also love Thailand, especially Bangkok!

Well, We now have opened our photo studio in Bangkok, Thailand!!

If you are our fans based in Bangkok, Thailand, please contact us anytime. We can photograph your family and children outdoor (if it’s not too hot in Bangkok!) or we have a studio near Asok BTS if you prefer studio photo session. We have a make-up room and changing room, also. So please bring some different outfits and we can organize professional make-up artists if you like!

We have noticed that there are lot of International schools in Bangkok such as Japanese schools, American school or British shool. If you are expats living in Bangkok, looking for a professional family photo studio, please contact us via email. info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au Our Thai number is 092 2298 3971

We have a special price for your family & kids photos in Bangkok now. (The price you will see on our website is for our Sydney Brunch so please check our price if you are based in Bangkok)

We look forward to having photo sessions with you in Bangkok! (and Sydney, of course!!)

Sydney Treasures Photography

Separate rivals

Separate rivals Come down hard on sibling rivalry, right from the start – without getting angry. If the kids argue, just stop whatever it is they want to do and let them continue only when they have stopped arguing.

Unite your kids. Ask your jealous child whether they would really like to see their sibling fail. Explain that each member of the family contributed to the strength of the whole. Try to promote a sense of family pride in your children and teach them the importance of locality to each other.

Let kids raise each other. Older siblings can be as influential as parents, so let them help and advise younger ones. The advice may not always be sound – Just hit him is not uncommon – but is usually well meant and makes for a better sibling relationship. Don’t stop younger ones from advising or conforming older siblings – they can sometimes be surprisingly wise.

Offer a framework to help siblings should not say please and thank you and show each other common courtesy. Speaking politely to each other as ha remarkably civilising effect on children’s behaviour.

Get them to take photos each other. You will be surprised  how creative they can be!

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Siblings and gender

Siblings and gender

Encourage baby love. From the birth of new baby onwards, assume that your children love each other and want to be friends. Give older children a gift when the baby arrived, let them be involved during the early days (kids need to bond too) and show them how important they are in making their little sibling happy. Observe, praise and reward their kindness, and put them centre stage as the great starts of the event.

Let siblings be friends. Avoid programming your children to fall out. Comments such as “They jut don’t get on, they can not help winding each other or they have nothing in common” endorse and reinforce sibling rivalries. Try to elicit warm feelings with positive comments, such as “It’s unlike you two to argue at making up” Clearly you can not ignore fisticuffs, but you can play own minor disputes.

Make sure to have their photos together often. You might find that you have a lot of individual photos but not many photos of them together. The kids grows up very fast and you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to be passed. Book your photographer today for your life time memory.

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Newborn Photography FAQ

Newborn Photography FAQ

When should I schedule my newborn session?
ASAP! It is impossible to know how far out my schedule will fill up. Sometimes I’ll have availability in 3-4 weeks, and some months will be booked up several months in advance. After you find out you are expecting, call your parents, call your friends, and then call me.

I will tentatively schedule your session for your due date. As your due date approaches make sure to keep me filled in on any changes to your due date or if you schedule a c-section. Once you’re in labor you will need to call me so we can set a firm date on your newborn session! Please don’t wait until after you’ve left the hospital to call me… usually once the baby arrives family starts scheduling visits with you for when you get home and doctor appointments and lactation consultant appointments are made in the first two weeks.  It can become difficult to get your session scheduled on time. Not to mention I need to get you in my schedule asap!

If your baby was just born and is less than 14 days old, call me today!  I may have availability to photograph your little one.

At what age should my baby be photographed?
A newborn is BEST to photograph in the first 10 days of life. I prefer 5-12 days old. That way baby will be sleepy and mold-able. I can get the sleeping and peaceful shots MUCH easier that way. After 12 days old, baby is typically more alert and baby acne and colic are common at that age.

If baby is older than 14 days it requires a lot of patience on both our parts, as baby sleeps less and lighter. The finished product will be well worth it!

Where will my session take place and how long will it last?
I offer newborn sessions at your place.

I like babies to have a full tummy so they sleep. If baby doesn’t sleep, don’t worry! The milk usually kicks in and if we are patient we can usually get the shots we want! I love awake babies too though! A newborn session can take up to 3 hours. I know, that sounds like a long time. It takes a great deal of patience to coax baby to sleep and gently pose. A large part of the session is spent from baby taking breaks to eat.

Are sessions scheduled at a specific time of day?
I like to schedule newborn sessions in the mornings usually between 9:30am-12:30pm. I will schedule you for a specific time after your baby is born and we have a firm session date scheduled.

How should I prepare for my session?
A full baby is a happy and sleepy baby! That’s how we want them! Sleeping babies are so fun! They let me mold and move them, curl them and pose them all while sleeping! This is a result of a full tummy and tired baby! If you can try and keep baby awake for about an hour before your session, it will make baby sleepier for me when you arrive. Also have baby fed before you arrive and I’ll ask you to feed baby again once you get here.  I totally understand if you are on a schedule, however we may have to tweak it a bit. More feeding, sleeping and such. Baby will be calling the shots! Keeping baby happy will ensure the best pictures!

Also loosen diaper & clothing an hour or so before our session, it will help prevent red marks or diaper creases from showing up on baby’s photos. Avoid clothing baby in socks or pants the morning of the session as this clothing tends to leave marks on skin. Footie sleepers are a great clothing option for baby.

If you are breast feeding or formula  feeding bring extra milk if possible. Babies always eat more during newborn photo sessions. We want your little one asleep and full, and running out of formula or milk with a hungry baby could cause a session to end short.

What should my baby wear?
The best outfit a baby has is their birthday suit! I love to photograph baby in little or nothing at all.  With that being said, I expect baby to make a mess on my blankets, floor and me. Don’t worry, it’s all washable! I have blankets, wraps, headbands and hats, and spend a great deal of time before your session coordinating colors, backdrops and props with accessories for each pose/shot.

Also, as mentioned above, avoid clothing baby in socks or pants the morning of the session as this clothing tends to leave marks on skin. Footie sleepers are a great clothing option for baby for the drive to my studio.

And you?
Something comfortable and light to wear while I photograph baby.
I will always make sure to do a family photo and/or a sibling photo so make sure to have an extra shirt for this part of your session. Short sleeve shirts or button-up dress shirts are great for dad. A basic cami or short sleeve shirt for mom. White or light/neutral colors are best. No graphics, bold stripes or prints.  Jeans for dad are great. Bring an extra change of clothes incase baby has an accident on you.

Expect baby to eat a lot during your session! Moms and Dads are always surprised at how much more babies eat while they’re here. It’s normal for a newborn to eat almost double what they normally would during a session.

If you want to know more, please contact Katsu.

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Respect Grandparent time

Respect Grandparent time

If your kids are happy with their grandparents, stay out of the way occasionally to give them some time to enjoy alone together. Remember grandparent’s feelings, if they did raise you. Even if many practices have changed – babies now being put to sleep on their backs, breast-feeding being recommended – this does not invalidate your parents wealth of experience. Even if you don’t always agree with what they say, hear them out and consider their advice.

Send school photos or family photos and copies of school reports and certificates to grandparents if they don’t often see their grandchildren.

Use different names to distinguish between grandparents and avoid confusion: maternal grandparents might be grandma and grandpa and paternal grandparents Nan and Granddad.

Get online. Of grandparents live far away, encourage them to spend and receive emails, and maybe use a webcam, skype, facebook or facetime to stay in touch.

We can design beautiful kids album after the photo shoot, so sending an kids album to your Grandparents will be an great idea to show your children, too.

If you want to have a family portrait in Sydney, please feel free to contact Katsu anytime to book your session. 🙂

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