Make Potions

Save some little plastic bottles and help your kids to gather the ingredients for potions:
pleasant ones (mixture of bathroom toiletries) weird ones (strange food combinations) and downright yucky ones(earth, paint, milk, washing-up water..anything) Stick around while they make them to check that they don’t) wreck your home in the process get their hands on anything dangerous and actually drink them. It’s a lot of fun for kids to make up positions and invent the magical effects they cause.

Make believe. Take your kids to a palace and all of your pretend that you are royal, go to a museum and strike the poses of the statues, lie with your hands over your chest and imagine yourselves to be ancient Egyptian mummies, drama and art and out of yourself.

Improve scenrios. Kids love simple acting exercises. A couple of children might try having a conversation in which each wants to have the last word, each is trying to impress the other or each in frightened of the other. Suggest subjects and situations that are of particular interest to your children and let them invent their own improvisations.

We enjoy photograph children when they are playing at the park, a lot of our photos on our website are done at the park in Sydney. We love photographing kids as natural as possible!

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Go with it

Go with it

Children excel at having bizarre ideas: they want to wear a tea cosy to the park, can convince themselves that they are invisible and develop friendship with household objects.
if there is not harm in it, relax, enjoy the fun and let them be as eccentric ad they like.

Be franciful. young children will be delighted to believe that “dancing lady” fuchsia flowers do ballet at night, that the crosses that separate telephone wires are kisses being send down the lines or that the tooth fairy is building her house out of teeth, there are not lies, they are the fables children crave.

Invent games. There is never “nothing to play with” or “nothing to do”. Teach your children how to invent games: boules played with pebbles, shadow tag, sand drawing, relay races, dances with simple moves. There are more games and activities in a lively imagination than in the best stocked toyshop.

How about showing your children how to take photos or be models even?
These days, you do not need to buy films and cost nothing to develop or edit photos that
you have taken. Show them your work, let them take photos to see how it turns out.
You will be surprised!

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Childs Confidence

Childs Confidence

Build your childs confidence by getting them to take drama classes. Exploring emotions and different situations through role play can give your child a safe arena in which to rehearsal their own interactions.

Get your money’s worth. Courses where you have to pay by the term for a certain number of classes can prove very expensive. More often than not, children end up missing classes because of illness, birthday parties, weekend trips away and so on. There is also the danger of your child losing interest after a couple of lessons and not wanting to continue. Classes or art session that you can attend and pay for weekly offer more flexibility and better value for money.

I remember that my parents used to send me to karate, swimming and painting school when I was little and I used to study English also. It was a lot of fun.

Speak your language. If you have a second language, why not speak it at home with your kids? It needn’t be at the expense of the language they speak at school and with their friends – their linguistic skills will be improved if they are bilingual.

My Dad used to show me how to use SLR camera when I was little. He used to take me to the beach and mountain to snap some photos. I believe that I got my creativity from him!

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Love the noise

Love the noise

Encourage your children in their early attempts to play an instrument. Avoid wincing and covering your ears. If you are positive, you should be rewarded with rapid improvement and sooner or later, some tolerable music.

Make practice easy by creating a music corner where the instruments is readily available (preferably out of its case), with a clutter free area for scores and equipment a music stand and in needed. A comfortable seat, adjustable to the correct heights. A short practice daily, as a regular time is considered by most music teachers to be the best routine.

Leave the masses of time to get to a concert or show in which your child is performing, don’t make a big deal of the event. Children quickly pick up parental tension and anxiety. Pre-performance nerves.

Remember to check that any instruments you hire or borrow are adequately nerves.

Be a beginners together. Why not start a class or course at the same time as your kids so you can lear alongside them?

Teenagers in particular can benefit from having their parents on a level playing field, and it can be tremendously bonding to discover a new shared interest.

Give them your camera to see how your kids snap photos, too! They might be good at taking photos in the future!

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Allow obsessions

Allow obsessions

Kids love a challenge and will immerse themselves completely in something they are trying to crack.

Even if you can’t understand why your child might want to try write down all the numbers to a million, get to the top level on a computer game or learn to skip backwards, be tolerant, Seeing a job through to the end its a trait worth acquiring.

Enough is enough. Kids need opportunity and the chance to develop their talents and interests; they don’t need to be signed up for so many extra curricular activities that there is no free time for just messing about.

Play on if your children seem musical, let them learn to play an instrument and try to dissuade them from giving up instrumental music lessons while at school. It’s easy to drop an instrument, but difficult to get back into playing again once peers have become advanced.

I picked up my first camera when I was 9 years old. My dad gave me his old camera from Canon.
I never though that I would be a professional photographer in Sydney though!

If you are planning to have your photo session with me, please contact me early.

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Explore the choices of available schools, however limited they may seem. Check out the school’s prospectus and website, read its latest report fro the educational insteps, consider its exam results if there are published – and most importantly find out what pupils and their parents think of it. Ask to tour the school on an open day or make a personal appointment to be show around. Write a list of whats important to you in a school to double check that what you have seen matched up to what you want.

Explain the difference between parents and teachers, make sure your child understands that is your job to show them how to behave properly and the teachers to tell them about interesting things, Make it clear that the teachers should not have to do your job.

Take some photos on the morning of the first day at school. Not only will it become a treasured piece of family history, but in making your child feel proud and special it will help them to square to do your job. Obviously, we can come to you and take photos of you children on their first day as well as family portrait, so you will remember that day.

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Baby your older children

Baby your older children

When they need it and there is no one else around to make them feel self-conscious. Tuck them into bed, cuddle them, stroke their hair and whisper your love to them. Soothe away cares just as you did when did when they were little.

Teach baby care, for two main reasons: so as to bring up useful and responsible young adults who could safely babysit, and even more importantly to demonstrate the never ending work involved in caring for an infant.

Don’t pry into your children’s lives. Kids love to keep a secret diary or a box of treasured possessions that they can lock, so let them do so – unless of course you need to know for serious reasons of health or safety, such as if you suspect that they could be taking illegal stuff.

Ask carers do the low-down or your child’s day – it’s useful to know roughly when they slept and what they ate so you don’t feed them the same again at home or try to put them to bed before are tired.

Get all your family together on a regular basis, so you will have opportunities to meet everyone and of course you can get your family photos, too.

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Allow freedom of expression

Allow freedom of expression in fashion, music, interests and pastimes, So long as our bottom lines are met – your children must be safe kind and conscinetious. Cut them a bit of slack around the things that matter to them but don’t have to matter to you.

Respect privacy. Let the older children open their own post, have private telephone conversations and close the door when they have friends over to play. A respect for your child’s privacy is unlikely to compromise their safety.

Offer wall space. If you have a newly decorated house, put up pin boards in your children’s bedroom so they can customise a bit of wall without getting into trouble. Use brightly coloured map pins that are easy to spot if they fall out.

Have secret signals. If public displays of affection embarrass your child, develop your own code it could be a low five for a kiss and a gentle punch on the arm for a hug. Big kids need affection, but are much more likely to accept it on their own terms.

Make sure that you have your family photos at least once a year, so you will have your memories to cherish forever.

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Move On

Move On

Young children develop very fast. A toy that was fascinating a month ago may be of little interest now, so keep abreast of your child’s curiosity and developing intellect by presenting them with fresh challenges and activities.

You needn’t spend a fortune toy liberties, charity shops and imaginative activities won’t  break the bank.

For your older children, give advice not your opinion.

Answer their questions about sex straightforwardly and candidly, without offering more information than you think they need to know at their age and stage.

Be liberal enough that your children don’t need to lie to you. Allow them to share with you the inevitable milestones of growing up: trying a little alcohol first kiss, a youthful adventure. It’s safer to be in the know than out of touch.

Don’t jump to conclusions. If you disapprove of something your child does, try not to aggrandise it with your outrage. One drink does not make an alcoholic, nor one cigarette a smoker. Better to have a mature discussion about health than a slanging match about your fears for the future.

Make sure you keep the record how they grow up by photos. They grow up very fast.
Having beautiful photos for your children are investment. Please book Katsu for your photo session.

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Avert Tantrums

Avert Tantrums with distractions “Look at those lovely flowers” ” I think that I saw Poppy the cat outside the window” ” Can you spot a red car?” ” What would you like for your birthday?” ” it does not always work but its worth a go.

Bin flip flops. They look cute on young kids but are very difficult for children to run and tackle stairs in. Properly fitted sandals, with backs are infinitely preferable and far safer.

Insist upon plates. Young children can be fantastically messy eaters. From an early age, train them not to wander about while eating. To eat over a plate or surface and to be mindful of how much mess they are making.

Dress the part. Left to their own devices, most younger children would ice-skate in swimming costume and play tennis in winter coats without noticing. Dressing appropriately is not high on a kids list of priorities so lay down the law.

If you don’t know what your kids to wear on the day of photo shoot, please let us know as we have a professional stylist, so he can style you the way you want just like some magazine photo shoot.
Your kids will feel very special on the day.

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