Pass on stories

Pass on stories

Every family has its stories, myths and legends. If you enjoyed hearing them as a child, pass them on – duly embellished to your own off spring. if possible, add a few contemporary tales of your own to the family collection.

Encourage your kids to entertain themselves by giving them books, paper, colouring pens, games, puzzles, construction toys, playing cards, simple musical instruments and dressing up clothes. Kids have hungry little minds and throughout childhood need a good range of things to play with.

Let kids plan organise. Children adore being allowed to put their ideas into action, so as far as possible let them device their own fun. They might design or assemble fancy-dress costumes, come up with an idea for a school fete stall, plan games and activities for a get together at home or choose and wrap presents. Whatever the task, let them run with it. Don’t take over.

Another way of passing on stories has to be sharing your old photos. Your grand father, grand mother, when your children was bone, when your children become one, when your children stand up for the first time. There are a lot of opportunities that you get your photos taken.
Being taking photos by professional photographers like me is not just receiving photos, its  life time experience and investment.

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