Set a time

Set a time

Kids have a habit of getting up before dawn on special occasions, so put the clocks beside their beds and tell them that they are not allowed to get up before a certain hour. If they can’t yet tell the time, set the alarm and warn them not to rise before it;s gone off. The knowledge that they won’t be allowed to pen presents or start the fun too early can deter then from waking at the crack of them.

Be kind, though- waiting is very hard when you are little, so let them get up a little in advance of the usual time.

Carpet the floor with balloons and invite the children to be balloonatics, running jumping batting and buffing each other. Put on some music and you have a cheap and cheerful kids party activity. Avoid overinflating the balloons or they will burst very easily and the fun will be over al too soon.

Make sure you take some family photos when there are any special events such as birthday party or weekend trips. You can always contact Sydney Treasures Photography to take your family photography, also! Please contact Katsu to book your session.

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