Tackle Takeoff

Tackle Takeoff

Buy some sweets – boiled sweets for older children – and suck them on take-off and landing to help to alleviate ear discomfort when the cabin pressure changes. If you don’t have any, tell your kids to yawn rather than to hold their noses and blow (which will only make the discomfort worse).
Allow babies to suckle during take-off or even just to suck your clean finger.

Take distracting toys when flying with babies and toddlers.  Toys with lights and movement are particularly effective in averting crying. Other passengers may not enjoy them, but most would agree that they are preferable to screams.

Shape your days. Every minute of the holiday is precious for your children, so give each day some shape or focus. You need not pack your days with activities, but a whole day at the pool or on the beach can be too long for kids. From the point of view of sun exposure if nothing  else. Some families find that having an outing in one half of the day and a rest in the other half works well for adults and children alike.

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