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Attend live events

Attend live events

Be it the theatre, concerts, puppet shows or street performnces. Children are often passive  when watching TV but will respond animately at a live show, aware that the performers can see and hear them. Kids also focus better on live shows as there aren’t competing entreatments and distractions of home.

Have a city day. Out and about in cafes, museums, shops and seeing the sights. Plan a day of fun for your child or if your kids are older, buy a public transport day pass and just go roving wherever the fancy takes you.

Visit unusual places. Widen your horizons by taking your children to some unusual places that aren’t on the standard kids’ itinerary : these might include antiques emporia, cemeteries, workshops, follies and other extraordinary buildings. Tell them stories and have some facts at your fingertips to bring these places alive in the imagination.

Break the routine. Families can end up doing roughly the same thing every day of the working week, so it’s worth sometimes trying to break the mould. You might have a picnic dinner on a rug in the garden or at the park., take the homework to a cafe, go for an evening swim or call a friend round on the spur of the moment. Little highlights will invigorate you and your kids.

Hope this article was helpful.

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