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What is Maternity Photography in Sydney?

What is Maternity Photography in Sydney? What is Maternity Photography in Sydney? by Katsu Nojiri

What is Maternity Photography in Sydney? by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney’s most favourite Maternity photography

You may wonder “What is really Maternity Photography?”

Maternity Photography has been very popular with Sydney Treasures Photography for the last three years.

Since we photograph weddings in Sydney, NSW.
A lot of clients ask if we do maternity photos and newborn baby photos?
This is how we started Maternity Photography.

It’s best to be photographed when you are around 35-37 weeks for the best result.

This is when we pre-decide which date to be photographed for your newborn baby photography.

The location for your session is usually at The Centennial Park.
And the maternity photography session goes for about 45 minutes to 1 hour in the morning. (Better lighting for maternity photos)

The session fee is only $150 plus whatever you would like to purchase after.
There is no locked in contact or pre-package selection with Sydney Treasures Photography.
Please choose and purchase your favourite photos only!

Once if you finish your session, please allow us about a week to edit all your photos.
So we can upload it to the online gallery. (password-protected)
Then you can view all your photos and purchase anything you like at home.

You can purchase your canvas arts or kids albums as options, too!

If you are looking for your maternity photography in Sydney, please contact us!!

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Maternity Photography in Sydney - Sydney Treasures Photography

Maternity Photography in Sydney – Sydney Treasures Photography


How does our packages works?

How does our packages works?

The way we work is simple.

Our photo session goes for 1-1.5 hours at your favourite place like a park. (we usually suggest The Centennial Park).The photo session fee is $150 plus $50 traveling fee to photograph one family. This is the deposit that you will be paying when you book us. ($150 photo session + $50 Traveling fee = $200)

Just to avoid the confusion, this does not includes any products. This is for us to photograph you, edit and retouch all your photos one by one and upload all your photos to our password protected online gallery, so you can view all your photos there and select your favourite photos to be purchased.

Once when the photo session is done, we will edit all your photos one by one and upload them
onto our Online Gallery (password-protected)within 5 working days. So you can view and select your favourite photos from your photo session.  (Usually we upload around 30 great shots!)
Choose your favourite photos that you would like to receive, based on the numbers of the photos that you will be choosing, the package that you will be choosing will be changed.

Let’s say, you only like 2 photos, you can select our Crystal package, or you may like 15 photos,
then you can choose Ruby Package, if you choose Diamond Package, you will receive all your photos that you see online will be yours.  So you are not locked in which package you will choose until you see your photos after your photo session.

After you select your photos and complete the payment, we will send you the digital images that you selected via Dropbox or Email. So you can print, enlarge (up to A4 size) or uploads on Facebook or any kind of social network sites. 🙂

Does this sounds fair to you?

We photograph, family portrait, Newborn Babies, Children, Birthday Party other events in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Check our availability today!

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How does our packages works?




Our latest happy family from Perth

Our latest happy family from Perth

We have received such a nice feedback from our happy client from Perth yesterday.
We thought we should share this to all our fans! Thank you, Rob, Kate and little girl Maya!!!

“What an amazing experience at Sydney Treasures Photography,  our photographer Kate knew how to make you feel special and how to pose you to get that winning shot. The photos turned out amazing and we were so impressed by the overall standard. I would highly recommend Sydney Treasures Photography to anyone who needs family portrait in Perth! Rob, Kate and Maya – Willagee WA”

If you are looking for your family photos in Perth, please contact Sydney Treasures Photography!

Yes, we now serve in Perth and Melbourne as well as Sydney!!

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Our latest happy family from Perth



Siblings and gender

Siblings and gender

Encourage baby love. From the birth of new baby onwards, assume that your children love each other and want to be friends. Give older children a gift when the baby arrived, let them be involved during the early days (kids need to bond too) and show them how important they are in making their little sibling happy. Observe, praise and reward their kindness, and put them centre stage as the great starts of the event.

Let siblings be friends. Avoid programming your children to fall out. Comments such as “They jut don’t get on, they can not help winding each other or they have nothing in common” endorse and reinforce sibling rivalries. Try to elicit warm feelings with positive comments, such as “It’s unlike you two to argue at making up” Clearly you can not ignore fisticuffs, but you can play own minor disputes.

Make sure to have their photos together often. You might find that you have a lot of individual photos but not many photos of them together. The kids grows up very fast and you don’t want to miss out the opportunity to be passed. Book your photographer today for your life time memory.

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Newborn Photography FAQ

Newborn Photography FAQ

When should I schedule my newborn session?
ASAP! It is impossible to know how far out my schedule will fill up. Sometimes I’ll have availability in 3-4 weeks, and some months will be booked up several months in advance. After you find out you are expecting, call your parents, call your friends, and then call me.

I will tentatively schedule your session for your due date. As your due date approaches make sure to keep me filled in on any changes to your due date or if you schedule a c-section. Once you’re in labor you will need to call me so we can set a firm date on your newborn session! Please don’t wait until after you’ve left the hospital to call me… usually once the baby arrives family starts scheduling visits with you for when you get home and doctor appointments and lactation consultant appointments are made in the first two weeks.  It can become difficult to get your session scheduled on time. Not to mention I need to get you in my schedule asap!

If your baby was just born and is less than 14 days old, call me today!  I may have availability to photograph your little one.

At what age should my baby be photographed?
A newborn is BEST to photograph in the first 10 days of life. I prefer 5-12 days old. That way baby will be sleepy and mold-able. I can get the sleeping and peaceful shots MUCH easier that way. After 12 days old, baby is typically more alert and baby acne and colic are common at that age.

If baby is older than 14 days it requires a lot of patience on both our parts, as baby sleeps less and lighter. The finished product will be well worth it!

Where will my session take place and how long will it last?
I offer newborn sessions at your place.

I like babies to have a full tummy so they sleep. If baby doesn’t sleep, don’t worry! The milk usually kicks in and if we are patient we can usually get the shots we want! I love awake babies too though! A newborn session can take up to 3 hours. I know, that sounds like a long time. It takes a great deal of patience to coax baby to sleep and gently pose. A large part of the session is spent from baby taking breaks to eat.

Are sessions scheduled at a specific time of day?
I like to schedule newborn sessions in the mornings usually between 9:30am-12:30pm. I will schedule you for a specific time after your baby is born and we have a firm session date scheduled.

How should I prepare for my session?
A full baby is a happy and sleepy baby! That’s how we want them! Sleeping babies are so fun! They let me mold and move them, curl them and pose them all while sleeping! This is a result of a full tummy and tired baby! If you can try and keep baby awake for about an hour before your session, it will make baby sleepier for me when you arrive. Also have baby fed before you arrive and I’ll ask you to feed baby again once you get here.  I totally understand if you are on a schedule, however we may have to tweak it a bit. More feeding, sleeping and such. Baby will be calling the shots! Keeping baby happy will ensure the best pictures!

Also loosen diaper & clothing an hour or so before our session, it will help prevent red marks or diaper creases from showing up on baby’s photos. Avoid clothing baby in socks or pants the morning of the session as this clothing tends to leave marks on skin. Footie sleepers are a great clothing option for baby.

If you are breast feeding or formula  feeding bring extra milk if possible. Babies always eat more during newborn photo sessions. We want your little one asleep and full, and running out of formula or milk with a hungry baby could cause a session to end short.

What should my baby wear?
The best outfit a baby has is their birthday suit! I love to photograph baby in little or nothing at all.  With that being said, I expect baby to make a mess on my blankets, floor and me. Don’t worry, it’s all washable! I have blankets, wraps, headbands and hats, and spend a great deal of time before your session coordinating colors, backdrops and props with accessories for each pose/shot.

Also, as mentioned above, avoid clothing baby in socks or pants the morning of the session as this clothing tends to leave marks on skin. Footie sleepers are a great clothing option for baby for the drive to my studio.

And you?
Something comfortable and light to wear while I photograph baby.
I will always make sure to do a family photo and/or a sibling photo so make sure to have an extra shirt for this part of your session. Short sleeve shirts or button-up dress shirts are great for dad. A basic cami or short sleeve shirt for mom. White or light/neutral colors are best. No graphics, bold stripes or prints.  Jeans for dad are great. Bring an extra change of clothes incase baby has an accident on you.

Expect baby to eat a lot during your session! Moms and Dads are always surprised at how much more babies eat while they’re here. It’s normal for a newborn to eat almost double what they normally would during a session.

If you want to know more, please contact Katsu.

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Sydney Treasures Photography



Simplify bedtime

Simplify bedtime

If your kids try to spin out bedtime – ” I am still hungry” ” I want a drink”  “Bring me a tissue”
or the perennial ” I can’t sleep”  make it clear that they need to ask for everything they want before a certain time. After that it’s too late for requests and complains; they just have to lie in bed resting until they drop off. Once they have got used to this rule, bedtimes should be less stressful for everyone and your kids should get off to sleep more easily.

Compensate for delays. If bedtimes tends to be protracted event, put your kids to bed half an hour earlier so they still get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Enjoy sweet awakenings. Wake your children gently and in a kind way. Tell them you love them; tell them it’s a beautiful day; tell them they are the sunshine! They are usually too sleepy to be embarrassed, and will be buoyed up for the rest of the day by such a happy start.

Keep regular bedtimes. If you have one childrens bedtime for weekdays and another for weekends, children intend to get confused. (jet lag!)

Speaking of that, newborn baby needs to be photographed within 10 days they were born.
So let them sleep before your baby photographer turns up.

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Turn off the light

Turn off the light at night. Some children prefer to sleep with the light on, but scientists fear that this may disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and in inhibit the production of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that is thought to help prevent tumours.

If children must have a night-light, dim red or yellow toned lights are preferable to blue or green because the latter have a more negative effect on melatonin levels. Any bright lights at night – even those put on for a brief trip to the toilet – will be interpreted as day by the brain,causing melatonin levels to fall. Putting the lights out also works as a clear signal to your kids that it is now time to switch off for the night.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about your child, the first thing to do is to make sure that they are getting enough sleep. It’s the cornerstone of their health and happiness. Without sufficient sleep their behaviours, learning ability and mood will all suffer.

For newborn baby, they usually sleep very well first 10 days they were born. If you are thinking about having your baby photo session done, please contact Katsu while you are still pregnant as the newborn session needs to be done within 10 days!

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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Eat safe

Eat safe

It pays to know the basics of food hygiene (which are mostly common sense). Always wash your hands throughly with soap and warm water before preparing food. Wash fresh fruit and vegetables, wrap or cover raw meat and store different foods separetly. Keep all food preparation surfaces and equipment clean and use a separate chopping board for raw meat for your children.

Don’t be too keen to wean. Health professionals now generally recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months. Since babies develop at different rates, however you may wish to consult your healthcare professional about the best time for your baby to start solids. Wearing before 17 weeks is always inadvisable as the baby’s kidneys and digestive system are still too immature to cope with solid food.

Have simple fare. First foods should be soft, smooth and sloopy is texuture. Breast milk or formula can be blended into the food to give it a runny consistency. Start with a very simple food, such as baby rice, and introduce others slowly, one at a time so as to observe whether any produce an allergic or intolerant reaction in your baby.

Don’t forget to photograph your babies on a regular basis as they grow up so quickly.
Obviously, you can always contact me for some great professional photos.

Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu – babies, children and family photographer

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If you and and your baby or children are in a wonderful place, stop what you are doing, stand or sit still and simply focus on sensory inpressions. Guide your kids to be aware of the sounds around them, the light colours, movement and smells. Ask them to describe what they can see, hear, touch or even taste. Ask them to describe what they can see, hear, touch or even taste, they may teas you for being intense but they will find it rewarding all the same.

Choose a wishing tree. If there’s a particular tree your child likes, make it their wishing tree. They can touch it to make a wish. Or, it the tree is in your own garden, they can write wishes and stick them to it, or tie a ribbon around its trunk or branches as a symbol of a wish.

Make an autumn display of as many differently shaped and coloured leaves as your children can find. Arrange them in a vase or stick them on to paper or card to create a beautiful nature collage.

Make sure that you take photos of those moments as one of your life time treasures.
Obviously, you can book me, so I can photograph your baby, children and family to be remembered forever.

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Baby your older children

Baby your older children

When they need it and there is no one else around to make them feel self-conscious. Tuck them into bed, cuddle them, stroke their hair and whisper your love to them. Soothe away cares just as you did when did when they were little.

Teach baby care, for two main reasons: so as to bring up useful and responsible young adults who could safely babysit, and even more importantly to demonstrate the never ending work involved in caring for an infant.

Don’t pry into your children’s lives. Kids love to keep a secret diary or a box of treasured possessions that they can lock, so let them do so – unless of course you need to know for serious reasons of health or safety, such as if you suspect that they could be taking illegal stuff.

Ask carers do the low-down or your child’s day – it’s useful to know roughly when they slept and what they ate so you don’t feed them the same again at home or try to put them to bed before are tired.

Get all your family together on a regular basis, so you will have opportunities to meet everyone and of course you can get your family photos, too.

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