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Shape your days

Shape your days

Every minute of the holiday is precious for your children, so give each day some shape or focus.

You need not pack your days with activities, but a whole day at the pool or on the beach can be too long for kids. – from the point of view of sun exposure if nothing else. Some families find that having an outing in once half of the day and the rest in the other half works well for adults and children alike.

Make a travel scrapbook of photos, postcards, tickets and other ephemera from any journeys or trips you take with your children. Encourage them to keep a diary or sketchbook while traveling.

Travel light. If your children have to lift and carry their own bags, equip them with squashy canvas holdalls on wheels, with extendable rigid handles. These cases are light, roomy and easy for a child to trundle. Remember to leave a little space for the souvenirs they will no doubt want to buy.

Take a lot of photos during your trip, so you can always make beautiful albums as good memories.
I provide small leather cover album if you have high resolution images of your trip.

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