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Simplify bedtime

Simplify bedtime

If your kids try to spin out bedtime – ” I am still hungry” ” I want a drink”  “Bring me a tissue”
or the perennial ” I can’t sleep”  make it clear that they need to ask for everything they want before a certain time. After that it’s too late for requests and complains; they just have to lie in bed resting until they drop off. Once they have got used to this rule, bedtimes should be less stressful for everyone and your kids should get off to sleep more easily.

Compensate for delays. If bedtimes tends to be protracted event, put your kids to bed half an hour earlier so they still get to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Enjoy sweet awakenings. Wake your children gently and in a kind way. Tell them you love them; tell them it’s a beautiful day; tell them they are the sunshine! They are usually too sleepy to be embarrassed, and will be buoyed up for the rest of the day by such a happy start.

Keep regular bedtimes. If you have one childrens bedtime for weekdays and another for weekends, children intend to get confused. (jet lag!)

Speaking of that, newborn baby needs to be photographed within 10 days they were born.
So let them sleep before your baby photographer turns up.

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