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Top Tips Breast-Feeding 3

Top Tips Breast-Feeding 3

Lie on your side to feed, with your baby tucked under your lower arm. This position is great when you are tired and don’t want the weight of the baby in  your arms. It also give your breasts a rest from the pull of gravity and the downward.

Have a breast cod. It’s best to alternate feeds between breasts but very easy to lose track of which
breast should be next. Lots of woman device their own aide-memories, such as changing a safety pin from one bra strap to the other or simply still transferring a bangle between wrists.

Babies are encouraged to sleep while their portraits are taken with a variety of my magic settling methods. Most newborn photography sessions last between 2 and 3 hours depending on how easy your baby is to settle to sleep and time required for feeding, changing and shushing.

The safety of your newborn is my number one priority. Babies are only placed in poses that they are comfortable with.

Parent and sibling shots are also done either at the beginning or end of the session.When you book your session with me, please make that you feed your baby 1-2 hours before I arrive and let them sleep, so I can photograph your baby beautifully.

Hope this article was helpful.

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