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Chat away to your baby

Chat away to your baby

Whatever you are doing – nappy changing, going around the shops, tracking chores, tell your baby what’s going on. And if you are reading while breastfeeding, why not read aloud? The intonation of your voice and your speech patterns will be fascinating to your young baby.

Don’t be surprised! All little boys fiddle with their willies. Gone (thank goddness) are the days when outraged parents punished this terrible “sin”. But there is nothing wrong with telling children not to fiddle in company, just as you might tell them not to eat with their mouths open or not to wipe their noses on their sleeves.

Keep toddlers close when you go out to eat. Kids crawling underfoot and waiters with trays of hot food and drinks make a poor combination.

Rein them in. Two years old don’t think leading reins are demeaning if a toddler is an uncertain walker, or likely to wander off a run away, they are essential. Choose harness style reins rather than a wrist strap as these are more comfortable and offer better security.

Take heart. Having a new baby is an emotional challenge for both parents. Accept that you may not get on with your partner perfectly all the time, and try to take the occasional spat in your stride.

If you are planning to have your newborn photo shoot with me, please try to book me while you are still pregnant, because newborn baby shoot is ideal to be done within 10days after they born.

Hope this article was helpful.

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