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Newborn Baby Tips – Share your baby

Newborn Baby Tips – Share your baby

Let your baby be held by other people. Babies who get liberally passed around tend to be less clingy and more ease when looked after by others. Moreover, if other people take a turn, you can take a break.

Position the buggy so that, when stationary, it has its back to the sun or oncoming wind, is as far as possible from exhaust emissions and gives the baby or toddler a reasonable view of what is going on.

Positions car seats and bouncing chairs on the floor where there is no danger of them failing a high surface if they shift with the baby’s movement.

Treasure little tootsies. Babies bones are soft and malleable so should not be restricted by footwear. More ever, there are masses of balance receptors in the soles of the feet. When learning to walk, a child should ideally be barefoot, although this is not alwaysparactical. Until your baby is walking unaided, let them wear soft baby socks or booties that have ample space around the toes. First shoes must be fitted properly and only worn outdoors. When your child is inside, revert to socks and booties.

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