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Store Greeting Cards

Store Greeting Cards and post cards suitable for all ages and occasions so that you have cards readily available for birthdays, thank you and whatever else you need to say. Ask you r kids to choose some that they would be happy to send to their friends and add them to your collection.

Say it in writing. Check that your children acknowledge every gift they receive, ideally saying thank you with a drawing or a card that they have made temselves. Little kids can just scribble their thanks.

Take freebies. Kids love to get something for nothing. and some of the freebies on offer can be really usuful. Keep a stash of bookmarks so that they are always to hand (kids are often put off reading by losing their place each time they return to a book)  and accept the free gifts offered to children in planes and restaurants. If you children don’t want them, you can always give them to visiting kids.

Encourage generosity. If smaller children come to visit, ask your children to bring out and share toys and games that they have outgrown.  Make sure to take a lot of photos when the friends are visiting. You can always contact me to photograph kids parties, too.

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