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Newborn Baby Tips – Outdoor 2

Newborn Baby Tips – Outdoor 2

Make a soft nest around a wobbly baby who’s just learning to sit up.
Pack pillows, quilts, and the like snugly around their bottom so that any tumbles will be
cushioned. Stick around to avert any danger of smothering.

Massage your Baby. Fretful can be soothed and calmed by gentle caresses.
Lie your baby on a soft surface in a quiet, warm room, . Gently, using a little olive or baby oil, smooth your hands along the length of their arms, legs and back.

Stroking their skin as if stroking a cat. Avoid any vigorous massage movements.

Ask for what you need. If people enquire what you would like for your new baby, do make suggestions. If you don’t know what you want, you can always ask them to purchase our GIFT CERTIFICATE for your photo shoot with us.

Buy neutral colours. If all the clothes for your baby are in gender-specific colours and styles, you wont be able to reuse the if your next child is of a different sex. Opt for gender neutrals such as green, yellow, red, orange, brown cream and white.

Don’t dress to impress. Babies and toddlers look cute in dresses but they can be highly impractical.
Babies get them in a twist, crawlers kneel on them, cruises trip on them and toddlers catch them on things. Put one on, take a photograph (or let us to take photos!) then take it off again!

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