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Separate rivals

Separate rivals Come down hard on sibling rivalry, right from the start – without getting angry. If the kids argue, just stop whatever it is they want to do and let them continue only when they have stopped arguing.

Unite your kids. Ask your jealous child whether they would really like to see their sibling fail. Explain that each member of the family contributed to the strength of the whole. Try to promote a sense of family pride in your children and teach them the importance of locality to each other.

Let kids raise each other. Older siblings can be as influential as parents, so let them help and advise younger ones. The advice may not always be sound – Just hit him is not uncommon – but is usually well meant and makes for a better sibling relationship. Don’t stop younger ones from advising or conforming older siblings – they can sometimes be surprisingly wise.

Offer a framework to help siblings should not say please and thank you and show each other common courtesy. Speaking politely to each other as ha remarkably civilising effect on children’s behaviour.

Get them to take photos each other. You will be surprised  how creative they can be!

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Avoid pet names

Avoid pet names

Strike a deal: If you don’t embarrass your children by calling them by their per names in public or when their friends visit, they will allow you to use – and enjoy – the names in private!

Introduce your children to people they have not met before, just as you would with an adult.

Point out role models. Tell your children about the people alive or dead whom you respect most. Explain to your kids what their values and achievements mean and how they have affected the lives of others.

Offer some guidance. Morality is not inborn: children have to learn it, which can be painful proces. From early on give them some help by explaining, as simply as possible, the basics: don’t try to upset or hurt people on purpose, and tell a frown-up immediately if someone is upsetting or hurting you.

Foster a sense of community, and the reciprocation that this entails, If a friend or neighbour has been particularly kind to your child, encourage them to repay the kindness by doing an errand for them, making them a card or giving them a little gift.
We sell give vouchers for family portrait session here in Sydney, so that might be an idea, too?

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Beware of phone calls

Beware of phone calls (separation)

Just before bedtime, when you are separated from your child, it seems natural to call and say goodnight before they go to bed. One imagines that it will help them to sleep, and for some children it does. For others, however, it serves as a socking reminder of your absence and brings on a great rush of emotion. If you child is prone to homesickness, it can be best to phone to homesickness, it can be  rested and busy doing something interesting.

See in the the future.New experiences, even pleasant ones can shock or overawe a child. As far as is possible, prepare your child in advance for what they have not encountered before: You might not be able to see Mummy from the stage, but I will be there. The doctor will need you to open your mouth like a tiger. If you wake up in the night time and want Mummy, Teddy will comfort you, Kids can benefit from being equipped with coping strategies in advance.

Make sure you that you take or ask your photographer to take a lot of photos of your children and yourself. Kids grows so fast and a lot of people misses the opportunities after all.

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Sydney Treasures Photography2

Actions not words

Actions not words

Explain that the word “sorry” is useful only it it means, I will try not to do it again, and that all apologies are only as good as the actions that follow them.

Combat disaffection with involment. Children of all ages are generally more contented once they have a role. Whether it’s washing up, gardening, making something, decorating or sewing, give your child a task that is achievable and rewarding.

Work animal magic by giving your child their own pet to look after. Knowing that the animal is solely dependent on them can give them a first taste of real responsibility.

Teach them to live by their own lights, not to be led astray by other people’s.

Take the long view. Separation can be as upsetting for parents as it s for children. If you are dreaming the school trip and think you will be anxious the whole time your child is away, remember that in all likelihood it will be a great experience from which they will grow in confidence and independence. A little time apart from parents can be truly liberating for a child. Make sure that you take a lot of photos of your children and you together as well as individual shots.

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Do not get personal

Do not get personal

Arguing with your spouse or partner can sometimes be inevitable – young children can be pretty wearing but exercise damage limitation by agreeing in advance that thought you might have argue over an issue, you don’t trade personal insults in front of the kids and family.

Encourage your partner Never vie with each other from the children’s affections, rather, observe the good things about your partner’s approach to parenting, and be ready to compliment them and to boost their confidence. Be self aware . Imagine that you had yourself as a parent. Would you be happy? Would you like you? What would you think were your strength and weakness?

Think about your friends. If I had to choose one couple to be your own parents, who would they be and why? You may be surprised by your choice. but think about it. Are you giving your child what those parents give theirs? Can you? Should you?

Encourage your partner to have some photo sessions with you and your kids. People can take photos with their phones easily these days but how many photos do you have all together? Most people don’t have many! You can always contact me to do your family portrait in Sydney!!

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See eye to eye

See eye to eye

If your child has a fringe, trim it regularly to stop it flopping over their eyes.  A chiled who is constantly flicking back hair or looking at the world through a veil of fringe is far less likely to communicate properly and make eye contact.

Stop nail biting by painting your children’s nails with a foul tasting deterrent fluid available from pharmacies. This method also cures thumb suckers.

Dont’t tick them off. If your child develops a nervous tick, force yourself not to keep mentioning to them. Rather, take steps to minimise any stresses in their life. Get up earlier in the morning to avoid mad dash to school, stop nagging about things that don’t really matter, check that they are happy with their care arrangements and, above all, make time to be calm with your child. If, despite al your efforts, the tick persists  consult your doctor.

Display your family photos on the wall for your children to see, so you will have better family connection and it’s always nice to see how your beautiful kids grows.
Make sure you have at least one family portrait session with your photographer like myself. I am confident that it will be worth investment after all.

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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Fit stair gates

Fit stair gates that are designed without the fixed bottom bars that adults and children so often trip over.

Give away glass tables. As soon as your babies / child can cruise around holding on to the furniture, it’s time to get rid of your glass tables. If your children doesn’t damage themselves on the edges, sooner or later, they will have a go at jumping on them.

Have enough side tables so that hot cups and fragile glasses aren’t put down on the floor, and these tables out of reach of little ones.

Mask sharp corners with corner guards or improvised solutions, such as Blu Tack covered with masking tape or if edges need to be covered temporarily a pillows or a cushion would do.

Use socket covers. A cheap safety essential for every home with young children, they look like thin platting plugs and cover sockets completely, making them impenetrable for playing fingers.

Keep flexes well out of reach, particularly the flex for the kettle, and site the kettle itself as far as back possible from the edge of the kitchen surface.

Give them a toy camera to snap some photos, some research shows that earlier age is the time they pick up their creativity. Maybe one day your kids may turn into a famous photographer??

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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Go easy

Go easy on soya, especially with boys. Research suggests that boys fed with soya based formula milk or other soya products are at increased risk of delayed genital formation, and girls, too, from the early onset of menstruation, because of its high oestrogen content.

Don’t prejudice your kids by telling them in advance that they will or won’t like a certain food or drink. Simply let them try it and wait to see their reaction.

Quit droning on about healthy eating, or you will will put your kids off good food. Rather than talk about it, just present it and clean out your cupboards to make your home as junk food free as possible.

Avoid offering too many choices of meals and don’t, at your child’s first meal, offer substitute food. There is much to be said for presenting your child with a meal, expecting them to eat it and not offering any more if they do not: You have a choice: this or nothing, take it or leave it.

It’s always good idea to photograph the foods that you have been feeding to your kids.
I am confident that you can capture some great natural photos!

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Make simple outings

Make simple outings

Undertaken with a sense of fun, these can be more rewarding for little ones than grandiose and expensive trips. Take a bag of outdoor toys a ball. some bats, a Frisbee, a pull-along dog or whatever they enjoy and simply hang out in the park.

Have a sports morning. Have a regular time and venue in the park so that any children who are interested can play football or another sport together at the weekend. Send a flyer around your child’s class to ensure a reasonable turnout. Parents of those who show up can share the supervision and coaching.

Get a training ball for cricket. This looks just like a hard cricket ball but it is made of rubber so is far less likely to cause injury.

Get on your bike. Take your children somewhere grassy and gently sloping to teach them to ride.
Don’t put the pressure on to get the stabilisers off, just encourage them to enjoy the independence of cycling and sooner or later they will progress without your needing to say a word. Go out together on your bikes and ride as a family.  It’s fun, great exercise and a good way to teach them road and cycle safely.

You can always contact me to photograph those moment so you can have some nice family portrait at the park!

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