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Childs Confidence

Childs Confidence

Build your childs confidence by getting them to take drama classes. Exploring emotions and different situations through role play can give your child a safe arena in which to rehearsal their own interactions.

Get your money’s worth. Courses where you have to pay by the term for a certain number of classes can prove very expensive. More often than not, children end up missing classes because of illness, birthday parties, weekend trips away and so on. There is also the danger of your child losing interest after a couple of lessons and not wanting to continue. Classes or art session that you can attend and pay for weekly offer more flexibility and better value for money.

I remember that my parents used to send me to karate, swimming and painting school when I was little and I used to study English also. It was a lot of fun.

Speak your language. If you have a second language, why not speak it at home with your kids? It needn’t be at the expense of the language they speak at school and with their friends – their linguistic skills will be improved if they are bilingual.

My Dad used to show me how to use SLR camera when I was little. He used to take me to the beach and mountain to snap some photos. I believe that I got my creativity from him!

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