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See eye to eye

See eye to eye

If your child has a fringe, trim it regularly to stop it flopping over their eyes.  A chiled who is constantly flicking back hair or looking at the world through a veil of fringe is far less likely to communicate properly and make eye contact.

Stop nail biting by painting your children’s nails with a foul tasting deterrent fluid available from pharmacies. This method also cures thumb suckers.

Dont’t tick them off. If your child develops a nervous tick, force yourself not to keep mentioning to them. Rather, take steps to minimise any stresses in their life. Get up earlier in the morning to avoid mad dash to school, stop nagging about things that don’t really matter, check that they are happy with their care arrangements and, above all, make time to be calm with your child. If, despite al your efforts, the tick persists  consult your doctor.

Display your family photos on the wall for your children to see, so you will have better family connection and it’s always nice to see how your beautiful kids grows.
Make sure you have at least one family portrait session with your photographer like myself. I am confident that it will be worth investment after all.

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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