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Sydney’s most favourite children photography by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney’s most favourite children photography by Katsu Nojiri

The children grow too quickly and a lot of people miss out opportunities to have professional children photos for their children at least once a year.

Yes, we all have smart photos which allowed you to take some good photos but you will need more than good photos for your beautiful children!

My little home studio is in Waterloo but usually for children photography, you will get better result when the kids are outside, happy, playing and being who they are rather than staged in the studio.  I am also an expert (!) for natural lighting photography.

Children photography is always better outside

By using natural lights, your kids looks more fresher and happier.

When I say natural light, you probably know but photography is all about lighting and angle.

I alway make sure that the kids are in the shade under the trees, so I can control the lighting MUCH BETTER.

“So please please do not ask me to do the children photos on the beach (In Sydney) .”

It’s just because there are not enough shades on the beach and for the lighting I will need to photograph your kids from me being in the water facing the beach for the best result.

I know that this is a bit technical but because of where sunlight come through in Sydney, you will hardly get great children or family photos in Sydney. (different story in Western Australia or landscape photos)

We can talk about this more when you message me but  The Centennial Park is the best location that I know. I promise that you will get great result there.

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Family Portrait Session in Sydney

Family Portrait Session in Sydney
– Sydney’s most affordable family portrait photography studio –

When the last time you had your family photos taken?

When I ask this question, most of the time they say, “Hmmmmm…..”

If you are the mother reading this blog, I bet you are the one that chasing up your little one(s) to
try to have some best shots with your little phone. But in fact it’s not that easy.

Your kids are too little to listen what you asked for and there are always bad shadows on their face, dirty backgrounds, the photos are too dark or bad angle.

You might be able to get some lucky shots with your phone but not always great.

Non like other family portrait photography studio in Sydney, Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu will provide you jpeg files for any packages that you choose from.

And you do not need to decide or being locked in to purchase your package with us.

What we do is simple, fear and straight forward!

We ask you to put the deposit of $150 to secure your spot. This is for us to photograph you for about 40 minutes at The Centennial Park (usually) edit all your photos one bye one and create your online gallery for you to view all your photos from the session.

Once when your photo shoot is done, please allow us 3 days to edit them all and upload to the online gallery. Once when it’s done you will receive a link and password from us to view and select your favourite photos only.

Yes, you get to choose your favourite photos and you only purchase favourite photos only. (jpeg file)

The price changes depending on how many photos that you will choose.
If you choose our Diamond package, you will receive ALL YOUR PHOTOS, also!

You can also purchase additional canvas arts, glass wall arts or kids album if you like.

When you choose and complete the payment, we will send your jpeg files on the day!

Very simple and all my clients are very happy with my packages!

My weekends are usually booked out a few months in advance.

Please contact Katsu to find out more information about your family portrait session!

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Family Portrait Session in Sydney Affordable family portrait photography

Christmas Gift Vouchers from Sydney Treasures Photography

Christmas Gift Vouchers from Sydney Treasures Photography

Time flies!  YES, It’s almost the end of the year.

Christmas is just around the corner.

What is your Christmas gift idea for this year 2016?

How about A GIFT VOUCHER for your loved ones?

If you have more budget, you can purchase $200, so they will receive one digital image, also!

This can be used for their family portrait, newborn photography, children photography or couples are welcome, too.
Don’s miss out your opportunity!

Get your voucher today!!!

Sydney Treasures Photography

Christmas Gift Vouchers from Sydney Treasures Photography

Christmas Gift Voucher Sydney Family Photo session – Family Portrait

How does our family photo session works?

How does our family photo session works?

When you book your family session with Sydney Treasures Photography,
we usually allow between 40 minute to 1 hour at your favourite spot.
So we can make sure that you will have enough number of photos and great variety of combination to choose from.

We do have some props for little kids and babies on the day, so you can try it out.

Our photo session is very casual and relax.  Please bring your picnic blanket, too!

If you are looking for your family photographer, kids photography, maternity photographer or even newborn photography in Sydney, please call our photographer Katsu Nojiri.

Sydney Treasures Photography
0407 064 044 ( Katsu Nojiri)

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How does our family photo session works? When you book your family session with Sydney Treasures Photography,



Family Portrait Photo Session in Sydney?

Family Portrait Photo Session in Sydney?

If you are looking for your family photos in Sydney, you have came to the right place.
Sydney Treasures Photography is run by International multi award-winning photographer Katsu Nojiri.

Our mission is to capture your family and children as natural as possible and keep it simple and candid. If you like your children to dress up, we can also organise a fashion stylist as an option so your children could look even better during the photo shoot.

At Sydney Treasures Photography, you are not locked in to buy any photos when you book us. You only pay Photo Session Fee ($150) plus Traveling fee ($50)to secure your spot, so we can photograph your family and children without any limitations during the photo session. (usually 1 hour). You will get better results if we photograph outside such as your favourite park rathe than your home. For your newborn baby, we will come to you so we can photograph your baby and we do family photos after that for the same price.

Once when the photo shoot finishes, we will upload all your photos onto our online gallery(password-protected), so you can choose your favourite photos only.
Based on how many photos you will be selecting, the package you will choose will be changed.
Please see our packages here.

We also sell gift vouchers four family and friends.

Please feel free contact us anytime to find out more or check our availability!


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How does our packages works?

How does our packages works?

The way we work is simple.

Our photo session goes for 1-1.5 hours at your favourite place like a park. (we usually suggest The Centennial Park).The photo session fee is $150 plus $50 traveling fee to photograph one family. This is the deposit that you will be paying when you book us. ($150 photo session + $50 Traveling fee = $200)

Just to avoid the confusion, this does not includes any products. This is for us to photograph you, edit and retouch all your photos one by one and upload all your photos to our password protected online gallery, so you can view all your photos there and select your favourite photos to be purchased.

Once when the photo session is done, we will edit all your photos one by one and upload them
onto our Online Gallery (password-protected)within 5 working days. So you can view and select your favourite photos from your photo session.  (Usually we upload around 30 great shots!)
Choose your favourite photos that you would like to receive, based on the numbers of the photos that you will be choosing, the package that you will be choosing will be changed.

Let’s say, you only like 2 photos, you can select our Crystal package, or you may like 15 photos,
then you can choose Ruby Package, if you choose Diamond Package, you will receive all your photos that you see online will be yours.  So you are not locked in which package you will choose until you see your photos after your photo session.

After you select your photos and complete the payment, we will send you the digital images that you selected via Dropbox or Email. So you can print, enlarge (up to A4 size) or uploads on Facebook or any kind of social network sites. 🙂

Does this sounds fair to you?

We photograph, family portrait, Newborn Babies, Children, Birthday Party other events in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

Check our availability today!

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How does our packages works?




What to wear on your family portrait

What to wear on your family portrait

Deciding what to wear in family photos can be challenging especially if you have never done your family portrait so. These are photos you are going to hang on your walls and cherish for years to come. It can seem overwhelming when considering what to wear but it doesn’t need to be.  We now photograph family portraits in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth!

1: Wear something casual
Wearing suits, evening dress is a bit more like 80-90’s these days.
Please wear something casual

2: NO Matching colour or matching cloth
That is also 80-90s. You can match similar colour but not all wears same colour (all jeans and same red polo…) For children, something bright such as red, yellow blue, green but no busy pattern or big logos.

3: We have some outfits for Newborn Photograph session.
If you are planing to have your newborn photo session, please don’t worry. We have all outfits for you for FREE. If you like, we have an stylist who can style your cloth for your photo shoot on the day. (additional fee of $200)

4: Outside outside!
Since we do not use big flash lights, we rely on natural lights. We can do newborn photo session at your place, that is not a problem. But for your family photos, we can photograph you better outside at the park as we can control the lights and angle better. Cloudy day is fine, too!

All inquires:
Sydney Treasures Photography
e: info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au


Family Photo Session

Family Photo Session

Family & Portrait Photography with Sydney Treasures Photography.
We now have our stunning experienced photographers in Melbourne and Perth, also.
Step 1 – booking your photo session with Sydney Treasures Photography

The first step in working with us for family & children portrait photography is booking the photo-shoot itself. Please check our availability to see if our fantastic photographers in your area. Usually we are booked in the morning of the weekends early, so please book us early!
Our photo session fee is $150 plus a $50 as a traveling fee. The total of $200 to be paid when you book us. (The date can be changed if it’s bad weather nut we don’t refund)

Step 2 – Enjoy your photo shoot with our fantastic & fun photographers!

Please pick your favourite spot for your photo session! Maybe Kings Park or Swan River if you are based in Perth? Yarra River if you are based in Melbourne? Or Botanic Garden in Sydney?
You can bring your picnic blanket or your little pets or changing outfits if you like!
We love to photograph you the way you always are and as natural as possible.

Step 3 – choosing your stunning photographs.

By working with Sydney Treasures Photography, we offer each of our clients our ‘Online Gallery Service (Password-protected)” which allows you to select your favourite photos after your photo session within 3 days!  So you can see all your photos from your photo session and choose only the photos you love. You will know how much your investment is going to be without any hidden surprise or catch.

Once when you choose your favourite photos, please select our Treasures Packages based on the numbers of the photos you selected, they complete the payment.

Step 4 – Check your Email

Now please check your email. You will be able to download your stunning photos via Dropbox.
Please also check our Facebook Fan Page to see and share your beautiful photo with your friends and family! Please feel free to like, comment or share!

If you have any questions, please contact us anytime!

Arthur: Katsu Nojiri

Instagram: #photographybykatsunojiri

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Sydney Treasures Photography


Family photographer in Bangkok, Thailand?

Family photographer in Bangkok, Thailand?

Today we have a big news to all our fans!

Who likes Thailand here? I mean who doesn’t??
We also love Thailand, especially Bangkok!

Well, We now have opened our photo studio in Bangkok, Thailand!!

If you are our fans based in Bangkok, Thailand, please contact us anytime. We can photograph your family and children outdoor (if it’s not too hot in Bangkok!) or we have a studio near Asok BTS if you prefer studio photo session. We have a make-up room and changing room, also. So please bring some different outfits and we can organize professional make-up artists if you like!

We have noticed that there are lot of International schools in Bangkok such as Japanese schools, American school or British shool. If you are expats living in Bangkok, looking for a professional family photo studio, please contact us via email. info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au Our Thai number is 092 2298 3971

We have a special price for your family & kids photos in Bangkok now. (The price you will see on our website is for our Sydney Brunch so please check our price if you are based in Bangkok)

We look forward to having photo sessions with you in Bangkok! (and Sydney, of course!!)

Sydney Treasures Photography