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Baby your older children

Baby your older children

When they need it and there is no one else around to make them feel self-conscious. Tuck them into bed, cuddle them, stroke their hair and whisper your love to them. Soothe away cares just as you did when did when they were little.

Teach baby care, for two main reasons: so as to bring up useful and responsible young adults who could safely babysit, and even more importantly to demonstrate the never ending work involved in caring for an infant.

Don’t pry into your children’s lives. Kids love to keep a secret diary or a box of treasured possessions that they can lock, so let them do so – unless of course you need to know for serious reasons of health or safety, such as if you suspect that they could be taking illegal stuff.

Ask carers do the low-down or your child’s day – it’s useful to know roughly when they slept and what they ate so you don’t feed them the same again at home or try to put them to bed before are tired.

Get all your family together on a regular basis, so you will have opportunities to meet everyone and of course you can get your family photos, too.

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