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Let them be bored

Let them be bored

It can seem more orderly and productive to schedule your children’s free time between play and dates, classes activities and outings, but beware of organising them to the extent that they are then at a loss to know what to do if left to their own devices. Learning to entertain themselves is one of the most useful skills that children can be taught.

Offer your kids your old clothes for dressing up in before you give them to charity shop or chuck them away. There is no point in buying expensive plastic toys when cast off threads are jus as welcome.

Play on. If you clothes are absorbed in an imaginative game, try to let it run its course, even if this takes time. Better to let them cary on playing than to take them somewhere to be entertained.

Ask permission before you desecrate your children’s play space. The mess of pillows, blankets, boxes, and toys that you hurriedly tidy up might be a space rocket, a princess’s palace a train station or a hospital. It could even be a pit of snakes or a lion’s den!

We alway make sure that we choose the park which is safe for our photo shoot.

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