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Go easy

Go easy on soya, especially with boys. Research suggests that boys fed with soya based formula milk or other soya products are at increased risk of delayed genital formation, and girls, too, from the early onset of menstruation, because of its high oestrogen content.

Don’t prejudice your kids by telling them in advance that they will or won’t like a certain food or drink. Simply let them try it and wait to see their reaction.

Quit droning on about healthy eating, or you will will put your kids off good food. Rather than talk about it, just present it and clean out your cupboards to make your home as junk food free as possible.

Avoid offering too many choices of meals and don’t, at your child’s first meal, offer substitute food. There is much to be said for presenting your child with a meal, expecting them to eat it and not offering any more if they do not: You have a choice: this or nothing, take it or leave it.

It’s always good idea to photograph the foods that you have been feeding to your kids.
I am confident that you can capture some great natural photos!

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Go with it

Go with it

Children excel at having bizarre ideas: they want to wear a tea cosy to the park, can convince themselves that they are invisible and develop friendship with household objects.
if there is not harm in it, relax, enjoy the fun and let them be as eccentric ad they like.

Be franciful. young children will be delighted to believe that “dancing lady” fuchsia flowers do ballet at night, that the crosses that separate telephone wires are kisses being send down the lines or that the tooth fairy is building her house out of teeth, there are not lies, they are the fables children crave.

Invent games. There is never “nothing to play with” or “nothing to do”. Teach your children how to invent games: boules played with pebbles, shadow tag, sand drawing, relay races, dances with simple moves. There are more games and activities in a lively imagination than in the best stocked toyshop.

How about showing your children how to take photos or be models even?
These days, you do not need to buy films and cost nothing to develop or edit photos that
you have taken. Show them your work, let them take photos to see how it turns out.
You will be surprised!

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