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Kids habits

Kids habits

Let go. Many children go through phases of hyper-anxiety about going to the toilet. Some go with alarming frequency and others will wait and hold on until they wet themselves.

While children are learning to negotiate the tricky psychological terrain of when and how to let go avoid making a big deal of anything to do with the toilet. Guilt, shame or anxiety can make unsettled behaviours all the more pronounced.

Get your kids to go to the loo before a long journey, but not more likely if kids are nervous about the possibility of wetting themselves. Small children need to learn control, which they can’t do if you are constantly telling them when they need to try to go.

LIft the lid on poor toilet habits.  Put a funny notice up in the toilet: “Luke, if you pee all over seat again, we will make you sit in a bowl of gunge!” or ” Kate, if don’t wipe your bottom, we will send you to the dry cleaners.” Only write when you think that your children can handle with good humour, and don’t embarrass them by sharing the joke with strangers.

Take some photos of them and show it to them what they have done. They will learn from that, too.

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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