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Visit hot countries

Visit hot countries in spring or autumn when the weather is warn enough for outdoor bathing, but no so hot that your children will be uncomfortable or at risk of getting burned.

Make a holiday checklist of things to do and take, well in advance of your family’s departure. That way, you will give yourself enough time to remember all the vital things you have left off it.

Get the pack to pack. If your children pack their own suitcases, they are far more likely to remember to use (and therefore far less likely to lose) what’s in them.  As soon as they can enjoy going to fetch things, ask your young children to help with the packing. As they get older, make packing lists with them, then let them get on with finding, packing and ticking off what has going into their cases. Discreetly make sure that essentials have been remembered, but resist the temptation to repack or substitute clothes you prefer.

Less is more. If you child is going on a trip or a holiday during which they will have sole responsibility for their luggage and possessions, disable them from taking anything valuable or irreplaceable. In fact, make sure that they only pack things you and they can afford to lose. Moreover, don’t overpack. Most kids will be happy to wear the same clothes again and again!

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