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Cherish your doctor

Cherish your doctor

If you like and respect your doctor, make sure that you don’t miss appointment or waste time during the consultations. Always follow advice and encourage your children to be polite and compliant. A good doctor is a huge asset to a family, particularly in the early years, so show your gratitude through your family’s good manners.

If you don’t have to take the whole family to the doctor, leave them behind and just take whoever needs to go. Why expose everyone to waiting-room bugs if its not strictly necessary.

Keep it with your health visitor. Health visitors are not only for the early months, they are there to help you throughout your kid’s childhoods. If there’s something worrying you or you’d like to chat about a problem, seek their advice. They can offer invaluable support and wisdom for your children, babies and whole family.

Get information to help you decide whether or not to immunise your children or babies, and against which diseases. Try not to avoid the issue or delay the jabs because the experience becomes more uncomfortable and traumatic as your child get older and more aware of what is happening.

Give them a small piece of chocolate or another favourite snacks to treat your children after that.

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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