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Explore the choices of available schools, however limited they may seem. Check out the school’s prospectus and website, read its latest report fro the educational insteps, consider its exam results if there are published – and most importantly find out what pupils and their parents think of it. Ask to tour the school on an open day or make a personal appointment to be show around. Write a list of whats important to you in a school to double check that what you have seen matched up to what you want.

Explain the difference between parents and teachers, make sure your child understands that is your job to show them how to behave properly and the teachers to tell them about interesting things, Make it clear that the teachers should not have to do your job.

Take some photos on the morning of the first day at school. Not only will it become a treasured piece of family history, but in making your child feel proud and special it will help them to square to do your job. Obviously, we can come to you and take photos of you children on their first day as well as family portrait, so you will remember that day.

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