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Use metaphors

Use metaphors and similes

The capacity to make connections between things is the basis of imagination, so share with your kids any associations that occur to you:  Those parachutes look like jellyfish in the sky. The water coming out of the tap looks plaited just like your hair is now. Look at your shadow – your are a giant statue!

Work out the meaning of what your kids say. Young children’s speech can be very disjointed. Often kids burble on about seemingly unconnected things and it;s all too easy not to hear.
If you do listen really hard, you will be surprised by now much sense can be constructed from the kaleidoscope of infant speech.

Quash pester power. If all else fails, steer clear of pester hot spots. Choose the supermarket that doesn’t sell toys over the one that does, take a different route to avoid the sweet shop of leave your partner to babysit while you shop alone in the evenings. What the eye does not see, the infant does not hanker for.

For young children photo shoot, I always recommend to be done in locations such as the parks or beaches rather than studio, so the infant feel more comfortable in the environment.
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