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Love the noise

Love the noise

Encourage your children in their early attempts to play an instrument. Avoid wincing and covering your ears. If you are positive, you should be rewarded with rapid improvement and sooner or later, some tolerable music.

Make practice easy by creating a music corner where the instruments is readily available (preferably out of its case), with a clutter free area for scores and equipment a music stand and in needed. A comfortable seat, adjustable to the correct heights. A short practice daily, as a regular time is considered by most music teachers to be the best routine.

Leave the masses of time to get to a concert or show in which your child is performing, don’t make a big deal of the event. Children quickly pick up parental tension and anxiety. Pre-performance nerves.

Remember to check that any instruments you hire or borrow are adequately nerves.

Be a beginners together. Why not start a class or course at the same time as your kids so you can lear alongside them?

Teenagers in particular can benefit from having their parents on a level playing field, and it can be tremendously bonding to discover a new shared interest.

Give them your camera to see how your kids snap photos, too! They might be good at taking photos in the future!

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Allow obsessions

Allow obsessions

Kids love a challenge and will immerse themselves completely in something they are trying to crack.

Even if you can’t understand why your child might want to try write down all the numbers to a million, get to the top level on a computer game or learn to skip backwards, be tolerant, Seeing a job through to the end its a trait worth acquiring.

Enough is enough. Kids need opportunity and the chance to develop their talents and interests; they don’t need to be signed up for so many extra curricular activities that there is no free time for just messing about.

Play on if your children seem musical, let them learn to play an instrument and try to dissuade them from giving up instrumental music lessons while at school. It’s easy to drop an instrument, but difficult to get back into playing again once peers have become advanced.

I picked up my first camera when I was 9 years old. My dad gave me his old camera from Canon.
I never though that I would be a professional photographer in Sydney though!

If you are planning to have your photo session with me, please contact me early.

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