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Be stingy with junk

Be stingy with junk

All kids need the odd treat, but there is not need to give lots of treats all at once. If your childrent want a sweet and a drunk, let the drink be something healthy; if they want a fuzzy drink and a snack, let the snack be something healthy. If you stick to this routine long enough, kids just accept it as the norm and get out of the habit of begging for double doses of empty calories.

Eat your words. Don’t be forever nagging about food. Keep an overall eye on your child’s diet, but don’t panic if there is the odd occasion when they eat lots of junk food. Inevitably, at parties and on special occasions, children will binge on empty calories, but try not to quit-trip them about this – they will survivel. The more you nag, the more they will want to eat unhealthy foods.

Take a lot of photos especially when you invite your friends or family to your place for dinner or Sunday lunch. Kids will be happier and you will have a lot of opportunities to photograph great photos for you to be remembered.

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