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Let children paint

Let children paint

Put them where they will cause the least damage, spread newspaper on the floor, drape them in old shirts and stick around to check that they don’t tramp paint about the place – but don’t stop them. They can paint on the floor or on a table, but an easel is most convinient. Choose one that also has a chalkboard side.

Channel your child’s desire to customise your walls and belongings. Buy some decorators, lining paper and unroll it across an entire room. Provide paints, felt tips, stickers, stencils and whatever else your child wants and leave them to it. The result may be a panorama , a series of cartoons, a banner or just a great scribbly mess, but the opportunity to deface such a huge expanse of plain paper is irresistible to most children. It’s also a fail safe activity for play dates.

How about you give your children your old camera? My dad used to give me his old camera to snap. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but look where I ended up! You might find your children’s creativity there! It’s important that you let your children play like that!

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