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Be a party political

Be a party political

Only give you out birthday invitations at school if you are inviting your child’s entire class. Otherwise post them or hand inviting your child’s entire class. Otherwise post them or hand them to the invitees in person. If the children are old enough to follow instructions, write please be discreet about having been invited where it will be noticed. This will avoid upsetting the feelings of children who have not been invited.

Take it easy. Before you accept a party invitation to an inconvenient venue, check that your children want to go. If they are just as happy to stay at home or to do something locally, you can spare yourself the time and effort.

Make milestone memories for your kids – A trip to see where they were born, a meeting with a person whom they admire, a surprise party, the chance to do something they have always wanted to do. Such high points become milestones in the memory of childhood. Record the event on camera and if possible, get your child to write an account, which they can enjoy rereading when they are older. Also, ask your kids for suggestions – they may come up with something exciting and original based on their particular interests.

Make sure that you take a lot of photos during the party, or hire a professional photographer like myself for your memories to be cherish forever.

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