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Parental roles

Parental roles

Swap jobs. Surprise your kids by sometimes doing what they expect your partner to do, so they might find one day that Daddy is doing the school run and Mummy is asking them for help to build shelves. Taking on s task that your partner usually does can make for more equitable co-parenting.

Have one to one time. However many kids you have, try to give each one a little time alone with you. No two family relationships are the same, so children revel in getting Mummy, Daddy or another much-loved relative all to themselves. When the family is tired and fraught, it can be helpful to split up into more manageable teams.

Have one parenting approach. If Mum is very strict and Dad very lenient, or vice versa, kids get confused and behaviour tends to suffer. Bash out your differences in private so as to be able to give your your kids clear, coherent guidance.

Free your partner from parenting. Let them go on a short break with friends, take a course or just have a long lie-in ocasionally. Doing things all together as a family is great, but parents need their own time for work and play.

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Get Spotting

OGet Spotting.

On long, boring journeys, pass the limit with challenges, such as who will be the first to spot a pink car, a caravan, a boat being towed or a number plate beginning with a particular letter of number.

Train up navigations. Give older children a map so that they can try to follow the journey. See if they can be journey detectives and spot distinctive landmarks along the way.

Map out the holidays. If your children are out of school for weeks and weeks over summer, it pays to plan the holidays a little in advance. Fix up some play dates, arrange some day outings with other parents, find out about local kids facilities, play schemes and summer courses. Planning ahead lets you and your kids choose the most attractive options while there is still availability.

Choose family holidays that allow you and your children to play together. For your kids, having your unhurried attention is golden time, so try to have unscheduled hours together, when you can just muck about. Kids clubs can be great, but they are no substitute for time with mum and dad.

Obviously, you will need to take your camera to snap your memories.

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