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What is Maternity Photography in Sydney?

What is Maternity Photography in Sydney? What is Maternity Photography in Sydney? by Katsu Nojiri

What is Maternity Photography in Sydney? by Katsu Nojiri

Sydney’s most favourite Maternity photography

You may wonder “What is really Maternity Photography?”

Maternity Photography has been very popular with Sydney Treasures Photography for the last three years.

Since we photograph weddings in Sydney, NSW.
A lot of clients ask if we do maternity photos and newborn baby photos?
This is how we started Maternity Photography.

It’s best to be photographed when you are around 35-37 weeks for the best result.

This is when we pre-decide which date to be photographed for your newborn baby photography.

The location for your session is usually at The Centennial Park.
And the maternity photography session goes for about 45 minutes to 1 hour in the morning. (Better lighting for maternity photos)

The session fee is only $150 plus whatever you would like to purchase after.
There is no locked in contact or pre-package selection with Sydney Treasures Photography.
Please choose and purchase your favourite photos only!

Once if you finish your session, please allow us about a week to edit all your photos.
So we can upload it to the online gallery. (password-protected)
Then you can view all your photos and purchase anything you like at home.

You can purchase your canvas arts or kids albums as options, too!

If you are looking for your maternity photography in Sydney, please contact us!!

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Maternity Photography in Sydney - Sydney Treasures Photography

Maternity Photography in Sydney – Sydney Treasures Photography


Looking to have your newborn baby photos taken?

Looking to have your newborn baby photos taken?

Are you looking for your newborn baby photographer in your area?

Here are some tips when you book your photographer.

Because people often messages me saying…


“My baby is now 4 weeks old. Can I book you for a newborn baby photo session?”

Well, this is the hard one. Because Newborn baby photo should be done within 7-10 days after they were born not 4 weeks later!

It’s just because I will need to photograph your little baby while they are asleep.
After 10 days, when people touch babies or make them do some poses for the photos, they usually wake up and cry…

However, Within 10 days after they were born, they think that they are still in the water.

The best way to book your photographer is when you are pregnant around 35 weeks, so we can photograph maternity photography first and pre-book your newborn baby photography then.

After your baby popped, you will have a few days at the hospital, that is when we decide which date you would like to come to my home studio or I can come to you. (limited photos can be done at yours though)

I am based in Waterloo, Sydney and have my own home studio with all those props and backdrops.

Please pre-book your newborn photography session while you are pregnant or book your maternity photography session when you are around 35 weeks!

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Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu

Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu

Newborn Baby Tips – Clothes

Newborn Baby Tips – Clothes

Choose bibs with sleeves for babies who tend to play with their food.

Prioritise poppers. When buying clothes for your baby, value comfort and connivence over style and tradition. Buy best bodies that pop-fasten at the crotch so they don’t ride up, and trousers with pop-open legs for easy changing.

Provide activity toys. Choose colourful, textural and noisy toys for your babies. The more the toy does, and the easier it s for babies to handle, the more they will engage with it. Simple, old-fashioned rattles that can be grabbed and banged are firm favourites. Soft toys mean nothing to babies!

Play copycats. Stick your tongue out and your baby may well try to copy you. Put your face close
to theirs and entertain them with a facial mime show. Make noises, open and shut your mouth and grin at your baby. Observe what they do in response.

Stimulate your baby. Go out together, have people around, lie your baby where it’s possible to see what’s going on and encourage other children to play with them. Babies thrive on activity and are usually far less grizzly if entertained.

Hope this article was helpful.

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