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Newborn Photography FAQ

Newborn Photography FAQ

When should I schedule my newborn session?
ASAP! It is impossible to know how far out my schedule will fill up. Sometimes I’ll have availability in 3-4 weeks, and some months will be booked up several months in advance. After you find out you are expecting, call your parents, call your friends, and then call me.

I will tentatively schedule your session for your due date. As your due date approaches make sure to keep me filled in on any changes to your due date or if you schedule a c-section. Once you’re in labor you will need to call me so we can set a firm date on your newborn session! Please don’t wait until after you’ve left the hospital to call me… usually once the baby arrives family starts scheduling visits with you for when you get home and doctor appointments and lactation consultant appointments are made in the first two weeks.  It can become difficult to get your session scheduled on time. Not to mention I need to get you in my schedule asap!

If your baby was just born and is less than 14 days old, call me today!  I may have availability to photograph your little one.

At what age should my baby be photographed?
A newborn is BEST to photograph in the first 10 days of life. I prefer 5-12 days old. That way baby will be sleepy and mold-able. I can get the sleeping and peaceful shots MUCH easier that way. After 12 days old, baby is typically more alert and baby acne and colic are common at that age.

If baby is older than 14 days it requires a lot of patience on both our parts, as baby sleeps less and lighter. The finished product will be well worth it!

Where will my session take place and how long will it last?
I offer newborn sessions at your place.

I like babies to have a full tummy so they sleep. If baby doesn’t sleep, don’t worry! The milk usually kicks in and if we are patient we can usually get the shots we want! I love awake babies too though! A newborn session can take up to 3 hours. I know, that sounds like a long time. It takes a great deal of patience to coax baby to sleep and gently pose. A large part of the session is spent from baby taking breaks to eat.

Are sessions scheduled at a specific time of day?
I like to schedule newborn sessions in the mornings usually between 9:30am-12:30pm. I will schedule you for a specific time after your baby is born and we have a firm session date scheduled.

How should I prepare for my session?
A full baby is a happy and sleepy baby! That’s how we want them! Sleeping babies are so fun! They let me mold and move them, curl them and pose them all while sleeping! This is a result of a full tummy and tired baby! If you can try and keep baby awake for about an hour before your session, it will make baby sleepier for me when you arrive. Also have baby fed before you arrive and I’ll ask you to feed baby again once you get here.  I totally understand if you are on a schedule, however we may have to tweak it a bit. More feeding, sleeping and such. Baby will be calling the shots! Keeping baby happy will ensure the best pictures!

Also loosen diaper & clothing an hour or so before our session, it will help prevent red marks or diaper creases from showing up on baby’s photos. Avoid clothing baby in socks or pants the morning of the session as this clothing tends to leave marks on skin. Footie sleepers are a great clothing option for baby.

If you are breast feeding or formula  feeding bring extra milk if possible. Babies always eat more during newborn photo sessions. We want your little one asleep and full, and running out of formula or milk with a hungry baby could cause a session to end short.

What should my baby wear?
The best outfit a baby has is their birthday suit! I love to photograph baby in little or nothing at all.  With that being said, I expect baby to make a mess on my blankets, floor and me. Don’t worry, it’s all washable! I have blankets, wraps, headbands and hats, and spend a great deal of time before your session coordinating colors, backdrops and props with accessories for each pose/shot.

Also, as mentioned above, avoid clothing baby in socks or pants the morning of the session as this clothing tends to leave marks on skin. Footie sleepers are a great clothing option for baby for the drive to my studio.

And you?
Something comfortable and light to wear while I photograph baby.
I will always make sure to do a family photo and/or a sibling photo so make sure to have an extra shirt for this part of your session. Short sleeve shirts or button-up dress shirts are great for dad. A basic cami or short sleeve shirt for mom. White or light/neutral colors are best. No graphics, bold stripes or prints.  Jeans for dad are great. Bring an extra change of clothes incase baby has an accident on you.

Expect baby to eat a lot during your session! Moms and Dads are always surprised at how much more babies eat while they’re here. It’s normal for a newborn to eat almost double what they normally would during a session.

If you want to know more, please contact Katsu.

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Turn off the light

Turn off the light at night. Some children prefer to sleep with the light on, but scientists fear that this may disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and in inhibit the production of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that is thought to help prevent tumours.

If children must have a night-light, dim red or yellow toned lights are preferable to blue or green because the latter have a more negative effect on melatonin levels. Any bright lights at night – even those put on for a brief trip to the toilet – will be interpreted as day by the brain,causing melatonin levels to fall. Putting the lights out also works as a clear signal to your kids that it is now time to switch off for the night.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about your child, the first thing to do is to make sure that they are getting enough sleep. It’s the cornerstone of their health and happiness. Without sufficient sleep their behaviours, learning ability and mood will all suffer.

For newborn baby, they usually sleep very well first 10 days they were born. If you are thinking about having your baby photo session done, please contact Katsu while you are still pregnant as the newborn session needs to be done within 10 days!

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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Newborn Baby Tips – Share your baby

Newborn Baby Tips – Share your baby

Let your baby be held by other people. Babies who get liberally passed around tend to be less clingy and more ease when looked after by others. Moreover, if other people take a turn, you can take a break.

Position the buggy so that, when stationary, it has its back to the sun or oncoming wind, is as far as possible from exhaust emissions and gives the baby or toddler a reasonable view of what is going on.

Positions car seats and bouncing chairs on the floor where there is no danger of them failing a high surface if they shift with the baby’s movement.

Treasure little tootsies. Babies bones are soft and malleable so should not be restricted by footwear. More ever, there are masses of balance receptors in the soles of the feet. When learning to walk, a child should ideally be barefoot, although this is not alwaysparactical. Until your baby is walking unaided, let them wear soft baby socks or booties that have ample space around the toes. First shoes must be fitted properly and only worn outdoors. When your child is inside, revert to socks and booties.

For your photo shoot, I can organise a professional stylist on the day, so your babies and children would look extra cute!

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Newborn Baby Tips – Noise

Newborn Baby Tips – Noise

Allow noise. A baby should be  able to sleep through noise, so allow a reasonable hubbub in the house. Babies like to know that they are near to people and haven’t been abandoned.

Make a mobile out of objects that will attract your baby’s attention, in bright colours, with strong tonal contrasts.
Suspend these from a frame made of a couple coat happens joined at right angles, and keep the mobile well out of baby’s reach.

Use baby books with babies of all ages, including newborns, start with cloth or board looks containing vibrant patterns that your baby will find interesting. Prop the books open around where your baby is lying so that they can gaze at them.

Use toys at changing time. From about four months of babies can get tremendously wriggly during changes. Distract your infant by putting a baby-gym frame over the changing mat so that they can play and give vital seconds in which to change nappy.

Stay in the swim of things. Even though you’ve had a new baby. It’s still possible to stay in touch with the outside world. Put on the radio, watch a bit of TV, scan the newspapers, and chat to friends on the phone. You will get interrupted, but you will still feel better for it.

Hope this article was helpful.

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Newborn Baby Tips – Outdoor 2

Newborn Baby Tips – Outdoor 2

Make a soft nest around a wobbly baby who’s just learning to sit up.
Pack pillows, quilts, and the like snugly around their bottom so that any tumbles will be
cushioned. Stick around to avert any danger of smothering.

Massage your Baby. Fretful can be soothed and calmed by gentle caresses.
Lie your baby on a soft surface in a quiet, warm room, . Gently, using a little olive or baby oil, smooth your hands along the length of their arms, legs and back.

Stroking their skin as if stroking a cat. Avoid any vigorous massage movements.

Ask for what you need. If people enquire what you would like for your new baby, do make suggestions. If you don’t know what you want, you can always ask them to purchase our GIFT CERTIFICATE for your photo shoot with us.

Buy neutral colours. If all the clothes for your baby are in gender-specific colours and styles, you wont be able to reuse the if your next child is of a different sex. Opt for gender neutrals such as green, yellow, red, orange, brown cream and white.

Don’t dress to impress. Babies and toddlers look cute in dresses but they can be highly impractical.
Babies get them in a twist, crawlers kneel on them, cruises trip on them and toddlers catch them on things. Put one on, take a photograph (or let us to take photos!) then take it off again!

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Newborn Baby Tips – Outdoors

Newborn Baby Tips – Outdoors

Keep a packed changing bag at the front door so that you can go out with the baby at short notice.
Bags that are like big sacks aren’t ideal as you have to rummage about in them every time you change your baby. Rather, choose bags with compartments – ideally with see-through pockets, like make-up artists’ bags – so that what you need it readily to hand.

Have a pop-up cot for travels and visits. A pop-up cot is small, like a carrycot. Made of flimsy nylon on a white frame, it twists flat, then literally pops into thee dimensions when taken out of its bag.
If you take it with you when you are out and about, you can settle your baby down almost anywhere for s comfortable, flat on the back sleep.

Have baby “stops”. In each of the rooms you use most frequently, have a soft, safe place where you can lie or sit your baby down out of harm’s way.

Make a soft around a wobbly baby who’s just learning to sit up. Pack pillows, quilts and the like snugly around their bottoms so that any tumbles will be cushioned. Stick around to avert any danger out of harm’s way.

Hope this article was helpful.

If you are planning to have your photo shoot for your babies and children,
please contact us early as we tent to book our early in advance.

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Newborn Baby Session

Newborn Baby Session

If there is one thing that I love, it’s photographing newborn babies.

A newborn baby photography session can be challenging,  but it’s so very special to capture a baby’s life when they just days old. There are so many factors that have to come together for the session to go smoothly… and if there’s one thing both photographer and parent must have for the session, it is patience.  A session can go quick and be done in an hour, or usually it would take 2 hours or longer, but regardless it’s important for everyone involved to stay patient – the end result is totally worth it.

Here are some tips for parents to help the session to go as smoothly as possible.

Try to book your session as soon after birth as possible.

I like to shoot newborns anywhere from 1-10 days. Waiting a couple days can give mom and dad a bit of time at home with their new little one.  Of course, a photography sitting can take place at any time.  As your baby gets older, they can become more fussy.

At 10 days they lose the sleepiness and the ‘newborn curl’. I find that the first 24-36 hours are best, as baby is at it’s sleepiest in the first 24 hours. I need to arrive at their sleepiest time – so keep an eye on their “new” schedule and we will figure out the best time to come (must be within great lighting times too)

In addition once they hit 2-3 days old they frequently develop cradle cap, newborn acne, flaky dry skin, redness and patchiness around eyes/ears/nose and feeding blisters on their lips. So while I can usually get them to sleep it is harder to keep them asleep as you pose them.

Around 2 ½ to 3 weeks is when baby acne can set in too so it is good to try and get them before that happens. That being said I will take a newborn at any age. If the parents are game for trying so I am as long as they understand I cannot promise a lot of sleeping shots.

Please book your newborn baby photography session while you are still pregnant!

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Newborn Baby Photography