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Buy organic

Buy organic

Some foods are more susceptible to contamination than others. Buy organic where it makes the biggest difference.Make organic milk a priority as it comes from cows that don’t eat GM feed and it contains up to two thirds more beneficial omega 3 fatty acids than conventional milk. Organic flour is also worth extra expensive. Pesticide residues are present are present in a high proportion of non organic fruit and vegetables. and children are particularly at risk from these substances because their bodies are are smaller and still growing.

Teach yourself to cook. If you don’t already know how. It will save you a world of trouble and expense trying to source nutrias, additive-free ready meals, which can be difficult to come by. Some homemade dishes can be almost as quick as ready mades, and very easy to cook – for example, omelettes, baked fish, fried chicken and meatballs.

You could baked fish, fried chicken, and meatballs, you could even try rustling up your own kids foods such as nuggets using only pure, wholesome ingredients.

Enjoy to capture those moments when you cook or eat. Your kids will love being photographed by you.

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