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Avoid pet names

Avoid pet names

Strike a deal: If you don’t embarrass your children by calling them by their per names in public or when their friends visit, they will allow you to use – and enjoy – the names in private!

Introduce your children to people they have not met before, just as you would with an adult.

Point out role models. Tell your children about the people alive or dead whom you respect most. Explain to your kids what their values and achievements mean and how they have affected the lives of others.

Offer some guidance. Morality is not inborn: children have to learn it, which can be painful proces. From early on give them some help by explaining, as simply as possible, the basics: don’t try to upset or hurt people on purpose, and tell a frown-up immediately if someone is upsetting or hurting you.

Foster a sense of community, and the reciprocation that this entails, If a friend or neighbour has been particularly kind to your child, encourage them to repay the kindness by doing an errand for them, making them a card or giving them a little gift.
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