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Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park

Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park
Where do you have your Portrait Photography in Sydney?

I often get asked “Where do we have your family photo session?.

My answer is usually The Centennial Park.

Why is that?

Well, this might sounds a bit technical but photography is always about lighting.

If I was in the photo studio, I can control the lighting or background easily.

However, when the location is outdoor, I will need to find a spot and time that I can control lighting for your best result.

When I say “lighting”, usually I am talking about the directions where the lighting coming from, not so much much how bright or dark.

It gets tricky when my clients choose where they would like to have their photos taken.

It’s only because I don’t get to choose the directions to photograph if they say….

“Can we have The Opera House in background? “


“Can we have some photos with the water behind us?”

Obviously When I photograph family, I will need to focus on more people rather than background.  But when my clients are pretty focus on background or the location,  I can tell you that you are not going to get good results.

Especially during summer time in Sydney, the sun gets glary, so I always make sure that I will direct them to be in the shade completely. But what if there are not shades around the areas my clients asked to have their photos taken?

This is why, it’s important to talk to your family portrait photographer like myself to find out where and what time are the best for the best result.

Here are some tips:

In Sydney, the sun does not goes down into the water (yes in Western Australia!), it means that if you would like to have your family photos at the beach, unfortunately you won’t get nice photos due to bad lighting enviroment.

This is why I always suggest all my clients in Sydney to have their photos taken at The Centennial Park.

It’s just because I know great spots, no matter whether it’s super sunny or cloudy day, morning or afternoon, I can control the lighting better because there are great non-busy & beautiful background with huge shades under the big trees!

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Family Photo Session at The Centennial Park Where do you have your Portrait Photography in Sydney?

Family Portrait Session in Sydney

Family Portrait Session in Sydney
– Sydney’s most affordable family portrait photography studio –

When the last time you had your family photos taken?

When I ask this question, most of the time they say, “Hmmmmm…..”

If you are the mother reading this blog, I bet you are the one that chasing up your little one(s) to
try to have some best shots with your little phone. But in fact it’s not that easy.

Your kids are too little to listen what you asked for and there are always bad shadows on their face, dirty backgrounds, the photos are too dark or bad angle.

You might be able to get some lucky shots with your phone but not always great.

Non like other family portrait photography studio in Sydney, Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu will provide you jpeg files for any packages that you choose from.

And you do not need to decide or being locked in to purchase your package with us.

What we do is simple, fear and straight forward!

We ask you to put the deposit of $150 to secure your spot. This is for us to photograph you for about 40 minutes at The Centennial Park (usually) edit all your photos one bye one and create your online gallery for you to view all your photos from the session.

Once when your photo shoot is done, please allow us 3 days to edit them all and upload to the online gallery. Once when it’s done you will receive a link and password from us to view and select your favourite photos only.

Yes, you get to choose your favourite photos and you only purchase favourite photos only. (jpeg file)

The price changes depending on how many photos that you will choose.
If you choose our Diamond package, you will receive ALL YOUR PHOTOS, also!

You can also purchase additional canvas arts, glass wall arts or kids album if you like.

When you choose and complete the payment, we will send your jpeg files on the day!

Very simple and all my clients are very happy with my packages!

My weekends are usually booked out a few months in advance.

Please contact Katsu to find out more information about your family portrait session!

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Family Portrait Session in Sydney Affordable family portrait photography

Christmas Gift Idea?

Christmas Gift Idea? Family Portrait Session with Sydney Treasures Photography
Family Photo Session voucher

Christmas is just around the corner.

Have you thought about what are you going to buy for your loved ones?

How about Gift Vouchers for their family photo session with Sydney Treasures Photography?

Our voucher starts from $150.

Gift Voucher – Pack A: $150
They will receive a free photo session with Katsu from Sydney Treasures Photography.
1 x 20% discount on any additional items such as Kids albums and Canvas Arts. (This pack does not include any images)

Gift Voucher – Pack B:  $300
They will receive  a free photo session with Katsu from Sydney Treasures Photography.
1 x  jpeg image on their choice.
They will also receive 20% discount on any additional items such as Kids albums and Canvas Arts.

Gift Voucher – Pack C: $450
They will receive a free photo session with Katsu from Sydney Treasures Photography.
2 x jpeg images on their choice.
1 x free photo shoot session for your next visit. (Valued $150)
They will also receive 20% discount on any additional items such as Kids albums and Canvas Arts.

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Christmas Gift Idea? Family Portrait Session with Sydney Treasures

Christmas Gift Voucher Sydney Family Photo session – Family Portrait

What to wear on your family portrait photo session?

What to wear on your family photo session?

After you book your family portrait photo session with Sydney Treasures Photography,
you might wonder what to wear on the day for your photo session.

I always suggest all my clients to wear:

1: Something casual

2: Something colourful

3: Similar colour tone for everybody (Red & Orange, Purple & blue, Green & Yellow, Warm colour or Cold Colour etc..)

4: Please bring a picnic blanket to sit on

These are the things that I usually suggest all my clients for their photo session.

These are the things that I don’t suggest:

1: Busy pattern and logos

2: This stripe 

3: Dark colour (black, navy, grey )

4: Plain white  (This can be good or bad…)

5: formal wear (You will be at the park! Who wear suits at the park?!)

But again, what you must bring are BIG SMILES!

The big smiles makes all your photos looks great no matter what you wear after all.

If you are planing to have your family portrait in Sydney, please contact Katsu from Sydney Treasures Photography.

Either I will come to you or you can come to me. (Waterloo)

Please visit our Instagram page for our latest photos.

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Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu

Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu



What Does a Typical Photo Session Look Like?

All photo sessions are different and depend of what you are looking to capture. Nevertheless, a typical child or family session takes place at the location of your choice. It could be in your home, at a park, on the streets of Sydney, Melbourne or Perth city or some place that is special to you and your family. What matters most is that it is in a place where everyone feels comfortable and its even better if it is a location that is meaningful to you!

During a session, it is our goal to capture your family in a way that is natural and comfortable. Usually, when working with children, we will spend some time with each kid, chatting, playing and taking pictures. We may spend some time by a window or under a tree with your children and a favorite toy, throw everyone in a pile of leaves, or ask them to run down a hill. Its all very casual, relaxed and fun! Of course, we will do some posed shots of the kids and family together, also.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

Please contact us by email to inquire about a photo session. (When, where and what time!)
We welcome the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the photo session via email. When you are ready to schedule a session, please let us know the date and time to see if we are available. We intend to book out most of weekends, so please book us early to avoid the disappointments.

What Should We Wear?

Please wear something comfortable on the day. It helps if everyone is wearing the same style of clothes, i.e. casual or dressy but please not matching cloth. We have also found that the photo images look better if we avoid loud and busy patterns, contrasting colours, big logos or character shirts. Essentially, clothes should complement each other without being too “matchy.” Layers and textures are awesome, as are accessories – scarves, hats and hair bows are all great choices. We found that colourful tops are always cute for kids. Please no black or white for outdoor photo sessions.

How Long Until My Images are Ready?

We understand that all our clients are anxious their photos after their photo sessions!
For the reason, approximately 3-5 days after your photo session, we will be in touch to let you know when your images are ready, so you can see all your images on our online gallery (password-protected) for you to view and select your favourite photos.

How do I receive my images? How big the images?
Once when you complete your payment of your favourite photos that you select,
we will send your images via dropbox within 24 hours. The size of images are printable up to
A4 size. If you would like to print bigger than that, please let us know!

Which area do you serve?
We serve all Sydney area, Melbourne and Perth.

Please contact us at info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au

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sydney treasures photography

We now provide our service in Perth, Australia!

We now provide our service in Perth, Australia!

Are you looking for your family photographers in Perth? Would you like your beautiful children to photographed by our experienced children photographers in Perth?

Now we have our professional photographers in Perth, so please contact us if you are looking for your family portrait in Perth.

Great photographs require more than just a great camera. They also need a great photographer to work their magic. Sydney Treasures Photography is operated by a dedicated photographer that truly loves his art form. You’ll be greeted with creative flair, attention to detail, and an outstanding ability to consistently produce beautiful photographs. When it comes to child and family photography in Perth, you can rest assured that our team will get that perfect snapshot to take home and cherish.

Our photo sessions capture and reflect the real you. The smiles should be genuine. The actions are natural. The are the photos ones you treasure.

Nothing captures a beautiful moment better than a great photo in a natural setting such as Kins Park or Swans River in Perth. Photos taken in your child’s favourite places can really bring out those lovely smiles and positive emotions, giving you a perfect picture to treasure forever. We often find that photo’s of children taken outside the confines of a studio add a whole extra dimension of authenticity to the shot. Plus, it doesn’t matter if that setting is a play park or a beach, here at Sydney Treasures Photography we’ll do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Why wait till Christmas? Contact us for your family photos in Perth!!

Sydney Treasures Photography

email: info@sydneytreasuresphotography.com.au



sydney treasures photography




Turn off the light

Turn off the light at night. Some children prefer to sleep with the light on, but scientists fear that this may disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and in inhibit the production of melatonin, a powerful antioxidant that is thought to help prevent tumours.

If children must have a night-light, dim red or yellow toned lights are preferable to blue or green because the latter have a more negative effect on melatonin levels. Any bright lights at night – even those put on for a brief trip to the toilet – will be interpreted as day by the brain,causing melatonin levels to fall. Putting the lights out also works as a clear signal to your kids that it is now time to switch off for the night.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about your child, the first thing to do is to make sure that they are getting enough sleep. It’s the cornerstone of their health and happiness. Without sufficient sleep their behaviours, learning ability and mood will all suffer.

For newborn baby, they usually sleep very well first 10 days they were born. If you are thinking about having your baby photo session done, please contact Katsu while you are still pregnant as the newborn session needs to be done within 10 days!

Author: Katsu Nojiri

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Avert Tantrums

Avert Tantrums with distractions “Look at those lovely flowers” ” I think that I saw Poppy the cat outside the window” ” Can you spot a red car?” ” What would you like for your birthday?” ” it does not always work but its worth a go.

Bin flip flops. They look cute on young kids but are very difficult for children to run and tackle stairs in. Properly fitted sandals, with backs are infinitely preferable and far safer.

Insist upon plates. Young children can be fantastically messy eaters. From an early age, train them not to wander about while eating. To eat over a plate or surface and to be mindful of how much mess they are making.

Dress the part. Left to their own devices, most younger children would ice-skate in swimming costume and play tennis in winter coats without noticing. Dressing appropriately is not high on a kids list of priorities so lay down the law.

If you don’t know what your kids to wear on the day of photo shoot, please let us know as we have a professional stylist, so he can style you the way you want just like some magazine photo shoot.
Your kids will feel very special on the day.

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