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Looking to have your newborn baby photos taken?

Looking to have your newborn baby photos taken?

Are you looking for your newborn baby photographer in your area?

Here are some tips when you book your photographer.

Because people often messages me saying…


“My baby is now 4 weeks old. Can I book you for a newborn baby photo session?”

Well, this is the hard one. Because Newborn baby photo should be done within 7-10 days after they were born not 4 weeks later!

It’s just because I will need to photograph your little baby while they are asleep.
After 10 days, when people touch babies or make them do some poses for the photos, they usually wake up and cry…

However, Within 10 days after they were born, they think that they are still in the water.

The best way to book your photographer is when you are pregnant around 35 weeks, so we can photograph maternity photography first and pre-book your newborn baby photography then.

After your baby popped, you will have a few days at the hospital, that is when we decide which date you would like to come to my home studio or I can come to you. (limited photos can be done at yours though)

I am based in Waterloo, Sydney and have my own home studio with all those props and backdrops.

Please pre-book your newborn photography session while you are pregnant or book your maternity photography session when you are around 35 weeks!

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Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu

Sydney Treasures Photography by Katsu

Top Tips Breast-feeding

Top Tips Breast-feeding

Learn about breast-feeding while you are pregnant.
If possible, get advice and tips from recent mothers and if you go to an antenatal group,
ask questions so as to prepare yourself to give breast-feeding your best shot.

Don’t be put off breast-feeding by well-meaning people who tell you that you will drained of energy,
have no time to yourself and have your freedom severely limited. Although there is a grain of truth in these arguments, the bottom line is that breast ilk is the ideal foodstuff for your baby, it helps get your body back to it’s pre-pregnant state and it is free, portable and always available.

Unless there is a good reason to use formula, stick with breast milk. Even a month of exclusive breast-feeding will benefit your child’s immune system, brain development and long-term health.

Mixed feeding, where breast milk is supplemented by formula, should be delayed for as long as possible, particularly when babies are born into a family with a history of eczema, asthma or hay fever.

If you feel that breast-feeding isn’t working for you, consult your doctor, midwife or health visitor before you stop: they may be able to offer you the support and backup you need.

If you are planing to have your newborn photo session done, please book us while you are still pregnant!

Hope this article was helpful.

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