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Respect Grandparent time

Respect Grandparent time

If your kids are happy with their grandparents, stay out of the way occasionally to give them some time to enjoy alone together. Remember grandparent’s feelings, if they did raise you. Even if many practices have changed – babies now being put to sleep on their backs, breast-feeding being recommended – this does not invalidate your parents wealth of experience. Even if you don’t always agree with what they say, hear them out and consider their advice.

Send school photos or family photos and copies of school reports and certificates to grandparents if they don’t often see their grandchildren.

Use different names to distinguish between grandparents and avoid confusion: maternal grandparents might be grandma and grandpa and paternal grandparents Nan and Granddad.

Get online. Of grandparents live far away, encourage them to spend and receive emails, and maybe use a webcam, skype, facebook or facetime to stay in touch.

We can design beautiful kids album after the photo shoot, so sending an kids album to your Grandparents will be an great idea to show your children, too.

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